NICU Moms and PTSD

Charlotte, NC PTSD therapyHaving a baby is an emotional experience. As a mother, you spend your days and nights worrying about the tiny human being growing inside you. If everything goes according to plan, your baby will arrive and the happy yet delirious dance of sleepless nights and squishy baby snuggles will begin. However, for mothers whose babies end up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) the anticipation and excitement of having a new baby are quickly replaced by shock and worry. If you need Charlotte, NC PTSD therapy that you can trust, please call Legacy Freedom for help.

NICU sounds scary, and the reality that surrounds your child being in the NICU can be even more frightening. Parents of NICU babies live their lives waiting for a call from the hospital at any moment. While moms are discharged home, babies stay behind to get the life-saving care they need. Researchers have found that the trauma for NICU parents begins early on and the traumatic experiences don't stop there.

As their child requires multiple medical interventions to make them stable and address the conditions and life-threatening events surrounding their early arrival, parents are subjected to even more trauma. Each time these parents see their child, the experiences and flashbacks come back and continue to cause trauma. Being asked on a daily basis to make medical decisions for your newly born child or whether or not you are ready to let them go is beyond imaginable for most parents.

A study released by the Stanford University School of Medicine published in the Journal of Psychosomatics focused on 18 parents who had children who had spent a significant amount of time in NICU. After following these parents for four months, seven were at high risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while three had already been diagnosed with PTSD. Researchers compared NICU to a war zone. The constant alarming of machines, sickness, and death leaves parents feeling shell shocked. Not knowing who will go home and who will die in the unit is unbelievably stressful for these new parents.

Best Charlotte, NC PTSD Therapy

Friends and family members can help new moms and dads cope with their child being in the NICU. Check in with them regularly to see how they are holding up emotionally. Getting them help to deal with their emotional trauma early on can help improve their bonding relationship with their child as well as the outcome once the child is released home. At Legacy Freedom Charlotte, we understand that there are a lot of complicated emotions surrounding the birth of a child. Even if your baby was born on time and healthy, it is possible that you may be dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety.

No matter what mental health issues you're struggling with, we can help. Our holistic approach to Charlotte, NC PTSD therapy allows you to combine traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods to create a care plan that's right for you. Getting started with mental health care from Legacy Freedom is easier than you think. Call or click today to connect with our care team and begin your healing journey!

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