New Year’s Resolutions for Supporting Your Alcohol abuser/Addict Loved One

substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NCSitting back and watching your loved one deal with addiction is difficult. Being supportive can be mistaken for being overbearing. You’re walking a fine line that leaves you feeling helpless and sad. There are a few things you can do, however, to support your loved ones in a way that will help them move toward recovery without pushing them to do so.

Below, you’ll find a few New Year’s resolutions that you should consider incorporating into your relationship with your addict loved one. If your loved one needs to search for substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom. We specialize in getting people sober, holistically!

Supporting Your Addicted Loved One at New Years

Stay Neutral - This is the most important stance you can take in supporting your addicted loved one. Don’t offer your opinion, don’t validate them or challenge them in any way. Doing so will help them, believe it or not. You don’t want to enable their addiction. Staying neutral ensures that you don’t.

Be Encouraging - According to, “One of the keys to a strong and long-lasting recovery is allowing the alcoholic/addict to be responsible for their own actions and intentions. Whether the individual's concerns are about recovery, housing, employment or social life, the more a person comes up with their own game plan, the more progress will be made in life generally and in addiction recovery specifically. The alcoholic/addict needs to rely on themselves for planning and developing this road map toward their goals.”

While this might be hard, it’s something that must be done. Make your resolution to reflect this and allow your loved one to rebuild life on their own. If they’re hoping you’ll help them, be encouraging but not enabling. They need to take this time to work things out on their own. Planning their new, substance abuse free life is one of the key steps in a strong recovery.

Take a Step Back - It’s important to be supportive and loving during your loved one’s recovery. It’s also important to know when to take a step back. Don’t monitor their progression or regression with your idea of how things should be going. Chances are, you have no idea what’s it’s like to have an addiction or recover from one. Your idea of success might be different from theirs. Addicts must plan and work through their recovery in their own way. If you put pressure on them to meet your goals, they might relapse when you least expect it. They’ll be putting a great deal of effort into every single day of their recovery, whether it looks like it or not. Just believe in them and their ability to work through this instead of pressuring them to go further, faster.

Standing by and watching your loved one deal with addiction and the long road to recovery can be difficult. These resolutions will hopefully help you understand how to be more supportive without pushing them away, or further into their addiction.

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