A New Synthetic Drug, U-47700, Is Killing People

drug rehab in Asheville NCWe constantly hear about drug overdoses, new drugs, and how dealers are offering up fad drugs that come and go as quickly as they were introduced. However, we rarely stop and think about how these drugs might affect our lives, no matter how trendy they are. One of the most recent synthetics we've heard about at our center for drug rehab in Asheville NC isn't even actually a drug at all. It's a white powder substance that's been used in China as a research chemical, unintended for human consumption. It's called U-4700.

While this research chemical isn't like the common drugs we see, one thing's for sure ... it's killing people.

What Is U-47700?

In North Carolina recently, the new drug has been hitting the streets with a vengeance. Law officials are having trouble, as it's potent, extremely dangerous and quickly killing people. Known scientifically as furanylfentanyl and U-47700, the drug is also called U4 and Fu-fen by dealers and users.

Unfortunately, this substance is more dangerous than heroin. Very similar to the prescription drug Fentanyl, used for chronic pain and anesthesia induction in hospitals, U4 is five times more potent than heroin.

Deborah Radisch, North Carolina's chief medical examiner states that “The recreational use of synthetic drugs represents a major threat to public health. It’s very important for medical professionals and law enforcement to be aware of these dangerous drugs, and know that people they encounter who may have used these drugs could require specialized care and treatment.”

This serious problem is being recognized after the death of many people, just this year, in North Carolina alone. The synthetic drug is a painkiller that's seven to eight times more potent than morphine. It can be injected, snorted or swallowed. If someone you know has an addiction to pain meds or other substances, please call Legacy Freedom. We offer affordable drug rehab in Asheville NC.

According to newsobserver.com, "Since the beginning of the year, 19 people have died using the synthetic drugs, state health officials said Thursday in a health alert that warned law enforcement agencies and medical professionals about them. The emergence of deadly synthetic drugs has caught the attention of public health officials in recent years. In 2013, state health officials warned that acetyl fentanyl, a drug five times more potent than heroin, had killed three people in Person, Sampson and Transylvania counties and sickened another in Cumberland County."

The most frightening aspect of this drug is that officials can't pinpoint where it's coming from or where it's being produced. That means, people are able to get it and take it before law enforcement even knows about it. By then, it is too late.

drug rehab in Asheville NCIn the early 1970s, China began making this substance for research use only. It was never intended to be consumed by humans. Because the recipe is easy to make, it was leaked to the public and has been causing issues ever since. Considered a research chemical, U4 is available for purchase online. That's one of the reasons why it's hard to pinpoint where the drugs are being made and sold.

In North Carolina in 2014 there were three deaths reported linked to U4. Almost 20 were sickened by it. However, the problems have gotten worse recently all over the U.S. It is unclear if the synthetic drug is being made in China currently or if it's being produced somewhere else and brought into the U.S.

Wherever it is coming from, there have been 50 reported deaths linked to this drug in 2016. Many states have banned the drug, including Washington and Georgia. This spring, Ohio Governor John Kasich ordered a ban on the drug, as well.

Side Effects

While this research chemical has never been tested on humans and there’s no real study to back the information, there are serious side effects from using the drug including the following:

  • constipation
  • pain relief
  • euphoria - less than that experienced with morphine
  • itching
  • respiratory depression - such that can turn fatal quickly and is much stronger than that expereinced with heroin use
  • sedation - stronger than experienced with using oxycodone
  • strong analgesia
  • death
  • highly addictive - because the half life is so short, chronic redosing is experienced to feel the high again
  • decreased libido
  • cough suppression
  • difficulty urinating
  • pupil constriction

Drug Interactions

  • Stimulants – Excessive intoxication is possible without adding something with U4, but taking stimulates with it causes serious levels of intoxication to the point of overdose.
  • Dissociatives – Vomiting is already a side effect of the drug, but using it with other dissociatives can cause an even higher risk of vomiting while unconscious. This, in turn, ups the risk for death due to suffocation.
  • Depressants – When combined with barbiturates, alcohol and other depressants this drug can be fatal because it increases the risk of respiratory depression. The drug causes unnatural sedation, amnesia and muscle relaxation.

What's worse is that with the new light on U4, even more research chemicals have found their way to the U.S. and are being used recreationally. In North Carolina alone, officials have found that six more synthetic drugs unintended for human consumption have been used, as well.

Officials are urging parents in all states of the U.S. to warn their children about the use of drugs, especially those that aren't intended to be consumed. Chemicals are dangerous enough to be around as a researcher. Ingesting them to get high is even more dangerous and worse, causing deaths.

If you need help with an addict who's using drugs without worrying about the harmful repercussions, consider working with Legacy Freedom. We are here to help you and your loved ones work through substance abuse and onto recovery. A happy healthy life is important. Don't hesitate to contact us, keep reading to learn more.

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