New Drug Use Trends for Teens

 Drug Rehab In ColumbusParents, listen up. There are new drug trends that are affecting our children. These drugs are not your typical substances either. These are new, synthetic drugs that are almost impossible to test for. Below we are going to discuss these new trends so that you can be more aware.

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New Drug Trends for Teens

Gravel or Flakka - Gravel, more commonly referred to as Flakka in the Southeastern US, looks like small rocks. It can be ingested, smoked, injected, or snorted, and can be fatal. It appears from recent reports that Florida seems to be the hardest hit by gravel. Gravel or Flakka is a synthetic drug containing the compound alpha-PVP. This is a cousin of the drug found in bath salts. It gives the users a crazy feeling like they are on a turbo version of crystal meth. Sometimes gravel sold on the streets can contain rat poison, ammonia or other toxic chemicals.

N-bomb - N-bomb is a synthetic drug that was introduced to the market in 2010. It is very popular among teenagers, however it has already led to at least 17 deaths making it one of the deadliest as well. N-bomb was used as a legal form of LSD or mescaline. It is most commonly sold in eyedropper bottles or on blotter paper.

N-bomb can cause hallucinations, seizures and acute kidney injury. In 2015, this drug became listed as a Schedule I controlled substance. Unfortunately, it is still readily available and fairly easy to obtain.

Glow Parties - This entry is not a drug at all. A glow party is the new "rave". These events are held so that teens can dance to electronic music under strobe lights with glow sticks. These events might seem safe since they are commonly advertised as alcohol free, however that does not mean that drugs will not be in circulation. Drugs seem to enhance the effects of the lights and music so some teens are drawn to them.

Some glow parties are well advertised as fun teen events, however in some cities they are held at secret locations to avoid adults and law enforcement.

Mojo, Spice, K2 or Scooby Snax - These are your synthetic marijuana drugs. These drugs have hospitalized hundreds of people. For instance, in Louisiana over 150 people visited the hospital due to one strain of synthetic marijuana in October, 2014. As a result, Governor Bobby Jindal promptly banned the drug in Louisiana.

Synthetic marijuana drugs can lead to paranoia, seizures, intense hallucinations and psychotic episodes. Some even report having increased suicidal thoughts and severe anxiety during withdrawal. These drugs are marketed as a harmless alternative, however it is a highly dangerous substance and teens who use it may require drug rehab in Columbus OH.

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