NC Woman Mistakenly Mailed Box of Marijuana

Drug Rehabilitation in Greensboro NCImagine being home during the day, decorating for Christmas. You're just getting in the spirit and then you look out the door and notice a package. When this happened to Ms. Watson of Greensboro NC, she went out to check. The package had her address on it, so she opened the box up.

What she found inside was not at all what she expected it might be. What started out as a nice evening at home, turned into a scary, eventful and confusing night. Do you need drug rehabilitation in Greensboro NC in the new year? Call Legacy Freedom today. We can help you beat addiction in 2017.

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Ms. Watson found four pounds of marijuana inside this box that she had assumed was a gift for her.

According to, Ms. Watson stated the following. “I just cannot believe that someone would send that amount of drugs to my house. I just cannot believe it. I’m very frightened. I still am a little. I glanced out the side door because I always look out before I open the door. And I noticed this big package was sitting here on my porch. So I opened the box up and my first thought was somebody was sending me a Christmas gift. I unwrapped it and there was this big round ball of something that was in a vacuum sealed bag with duct tape on it and then I started to wonder. I think it is something that people should be aware of especially during the holidays because I wasn’t expecting a gift and that should’ve kind of triggered something."

Ms. Watson assumed that the "gift" she received was a box of baked goods, because of the way the package looked after she opened it. To her surprise, it was not cookies or Christmas treats. It was, in fact, more than three thousand dollars worth of marijuana. In street value, it could range from two thousand to six thousand dollars, depending on the area it would have been sold in.

It's hard to believe that this could happen to an unsuspecting homeowner but, in Ms. Watson's case, it did. She did notice, after the fact, that the package actually had an unfamiliar name on it. While the address was hers, the name was unfamiliar.

Greensboro NC police department stated that since the legalization of marijuana in California, there has been an increase in these types of packages being sent. It's something they're keeping a watchful eye on.

Ms. Watson called the police immediately after realizing what she had received at her home. The police advise everyone to do the same thing if this situation ever happens to them. They will take the package and drugs and hold it as evidence.

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