What You Need to Know About the NC Industrial Hemp Industry

Drug Rehab in AshevilleIt is possible that you've seen some interesting news reports lately about the NC industrial hemp industry. It's also possible you're completely unaware of this situation. Either way, there are a few facts that you should consider before taking a stance on this issue. Below, you'll find several things you should know. For the best alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom for outpatient treatment that works.

If you are from the state of North Carolina, or visit there for any reason, it's a safe bet that you’ve seen many corn fields in your time there. Large or small, cornfields have been a big part of the state's makeup in the farming industry in the past. Unfortunately, the number of corn fields has been dwindling for some time now.

That could change in the near future. Just last year, the agriculture Commissioner, Steve Troxler, and former governor Pat McCrory worked to put together a program on behalf of the North Carolina Department of agriculture for growing hemp.

The chairman of the North Carolina Department of agriculture believes that this venture will be a great future for farmers. With the right climate and enough land, NC may be a great state to help farmers grow it legally. Right now, hemp is technically illegal. It is very similar to marijuana but has very little, if any, THC. This chemical is what causes the high from smoking marijuana. Hemp, unlike marijuana, cannot be grown with a higher content of its original THC, which is between three and 15%.

One of the worries with this situation is that law-enforcement believes marijuana growers would use hemp to hide their illegal pot crop. However, cross pollination is an issue.

According to Deputy Director of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and State Program Leader for Agriculture and Natural Resources and Community & Rural Development Programs at North Carolina State University, Tom Melton, “Our role on the commission is to help develop a set of rules that can be used to help growers and universities determine if this is really a crop that North Carolina can grow and grow profitably. If they can, they can sell it, and it can be a great new crop for North Carolina. We don’t know that yet. Nobody really knows. We’re just trying to set up some rules so farmers can try growing it legally, the universities can do a little research on it and find out if it’s something we want to expand.”

This is a farming interest that still needs research and consideration. There are many misconceptions and lots of false information out there that need to be addressed in the near future. One thing should be clear, hemp will cross-pollinate with marijuana and lower the value of the pot.

Melton states that “Any good marijuana grower would not want their crop inter-dispersed with industrial hemp, because they cross-pollinate, and so the industrial hemp will lower the THC in their marijuana, making it much lower value. Anyone that tries smoking industrial hemp is just going to get a sore throat and a bad cough.” If you have a pot addiction, call Legacy to get help. We offer the best alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville NC.

Things are still shaping up in the way of using the bill that will allow farmers to grow hemp legally. They are also working on ways to crack down on marijuana growers in the state, as well.

The bill itself has already passed legislation. With the help of former governor Pat McCrory, the law was in favor of allowing farmers to grow hemp. However, without the DEA's approval of the program, cultivation will not be allowed to begin.

alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville NCAs of now, the US drug enforcement agency is the only thing standing in the way of allowing North Carolina to become the leader of the hemp growing industry. Kentucky and Tennessee have successfully introduced the crops into their farming and it has gone well. However, the DEA is not interested in working with North Carolina to get this type of industry going.

The hemp commission is considering working with the attorney general to help them in this situation. However, this is a nearly 80-year-old illegal industry. Farmers have been prohibited by federal law in terms of growing hemp for almost 80 years. Because hemp is a type of cannabis that does not involve intoxication, it's still considered illegal because it's in the same family as marijuana. Hemp is great for making oils, construction materials and clothing because of its fiber.

It is believed that the state will benefit from economic advantages if the DEA will work with the commission on making it legal to farm.

Now, more than $3 million worth of products made from hemp are imported into the United States from Canada and China. With more states allowing this illegal crop to be legally grown, it is estimated that North Carolina can benefit from $1 billion industry in the next 10 years.

We will continue to monitor this situation and report back on any new progress in the fight to legalize hemp growing in NC. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about growing hemp and how you think it might affect the ongoing issue with marijuana use in the U.S.

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