How Nature Improves Your Mental Health

mental health facilities in Charlotte, NCA recent study released in the journal Bioscience has found that your mental health can be improved by even the smallest exposure to nature. The study was conducted via a smartphone app where users of an app called Urban Mind were asked a series of questions seven times a day for seven days. Participants were asked if they could see trees, hear water, or see the sky. After this series of questions, they were asked to record how they were feeling and their overall emotional well-being. If you're searching for mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Legacy Freedom for help. Please, call now.

The data collected from 108 participants painted a picture for researchers that said that those who spent time outdoors and heard birds singing, saw trees and the sky, and felt in contact with nature reported a higher state of well-being. Being able to hear or see water did not have a significant impact on the well-being of the study participants. The feel-good effects of seeing and experiencing nature seemed to last for approximately two and a half hours.

When participants who were predisposed to mental health issues  had contact with nature in an urban environment they also reported positive effects. The population of participants that had the most improved sense of well-being after being exposed to nature or outdoors were those who displayed higher levels of trait impulsivity.

Considering how people react to natural features built within an urban environment and how it impacts their mental health and overall well-being has not been studied until now. With more than half of the world's population living in urban areas, the research team at Urban Mind is planning to continue studying the effects of nature on people who live in urban environments.

A previous study by the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment found that city dwellers were at a higher risk for mood disorders and anxiety than those who lived in rural areas. Disconnecting from nature in an urban environment causes a shift in the brain that activates the subgenual prefrontal cortex. Activating this region of the brain associated with repetitive thought allows those who live in urban areas to become fixated on negative thoughts or emotions. Exposure to nature decreased these negative thought patterns and improved well-being.

Spending time outside has been documented to improve working memory as well as dampen anxiety and improve overall mood. However, if you are struggling with depression or anxiety and have been unable to improve your mental state, Legacy Freedom can help.

Outpatient Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NC

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