Natural Remedies to Reduce Addiction Cravings

Drug Treatment in Raleigh NCCravings for alcohol are normal when you stop drinking. Your body was used to having alcohol in order to feel a certain way. Now that you’re not drinking, your body begins to go through withdrawal. The symptoms that you feel when going through withdrawal can be hard to manage and can make cravings seem intense.

Luckily, there are some herbal remedies that can help you manage cravings. Not all of them will work for everyone, and it’s important that you check with your doctor before taking them if you are on other medications. Some herbal remedies, even though they are found over the counter, can affect how prescription medications work. If you need alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC, please call Legacy Freedom. We can help you.

Natural Remedies for Reducing Cravings

Vitamin Supplements
Vitamin B-1 is good for clearing up the feeling of “brain fog” that some people may experience when they give up drinking. B-5 and B-3 are helpful in detoxifying the body from alcohol, according to studies. Other forms of B vitamins are known for increasing mood levels. In order to get all forms of B vitamins, you can take a B-complex as a supplement.

Kudzu Extract
You may know kudzu as the vine that grows uncontrollably, but as an herb, it has health benefits that can help someone with alcohol cravings. Taking a 30 to 150 mg dose of kudzu root three times a day may reduce cravings. It can also be found as a tincture and an herbal tea.

Ginseng has many health benefits you’ve probably already heard about, such as boosting memory and energy levels, but it’s also known to break down the alcohol in the body and flush the toxins out. The faster you can get alcohol out of your system, the easier it’ll be to manage without it.

Dandelion Tea
You may remember picking dandelions in the summer, making a wish and blowing off the leaves, but this flower has more to it than that. It’s a cleansing herb that helps with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It’s usually taken as a tea three times a day.

Cayenne Pepper
Surprisingly, this hot spice is known to ease inflammation of the stomach that is often caused by excessive drinking. It can also help with cravings as well as detoxify the liver. You can find it in pill form.

Also known as dong quai, this Chinese herb is used mostly for female reproductive issues, but it’s also known to help people with alcohol cravings because it can reduce them, and in some cases, cause a person to dislike alcohol.

This minty herb can help relieve the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal by helping alleviate the irritability and insomnia many people feel in the first stages. The recommended dosage is for it to be taken as a tea every hour or two. As symptoms subside, the dosage can be tapered off.

Passion Flower
Also known to help with opiate addiction, this herb can also be helpful in alcohol withdrawal because it reduces anxiety and insomnia.

Milk Thistle
While this herb does not necessarily ease cravings, it has been known to help patients with liver damage caused by excessive drinking. It has an active ingredient in it that cleanses the liver and releases the toxins created by alcohol.

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