Natural Anxiety Relievers

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Practice Breathing Techniques

Our Drug rehab in Charlotte knows we all have anxiety every now and then.  It's nice to know that there are several natural relievers that don't require any type of drugs at all. Below, Leah Lagos, PsyD, BCB, a clinical and sports psychologist in New York City, outlines three easy breathing techniques to help calm a busy mind during drug recovery and stressful moments.

Power 10. Take 10 breaths. While inhaling for 4 seconds, focus on feelings of anxiety and stress. While exhaling for 6 seconds, focus on the feeling of releasing and letting it go.

Heart boost. If you find yourself feeling tense, recall two of the best moments of your life and focus on the joy and love you felt during these specific moments as you inhale. Release any negative feelings as you exhale. By pairing a positive emotion with an inhalation, your heart will shift rhythms to improve your mental state.

Heart shifting. This practice requires you to take three sets of five breaths with a 4-second inhale and a 6-second exhale. For the first five breaths, focus on your negative emotions and let them all go with each exhale. For the second set of five breaths, allow your mind to clear any other thoughts and simply focus on the feeling of inhaling and exhaling. For the last set of five breaths, focus on embracing the love in your heart during the inhale, whether that be for a family member or friend. Let go of the negative emotion while exhaling.

Our drug rehab in Charlotte knows how difficult it is to begin the road to recovery. Anxiety, stress, and depression seem to always get the best of us. Hopefully, with these natural remedy tips and a few more in our next post, we can help you master recovery so that you can become drug free for the rest of your life.

For more information on our drug rehab in Charlotte and the holistic recovery programs we offer, be sure to contact Legacy Freedom, soon.

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