National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Today marks the beginning of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. During the entire month of October, our drug rehab in Charlotte hopes to help individuals learn more about substance abuse by raising awareness regarding the importance of teen and young adult health.

Drug Rehab in Charlotte: Substance Abuse Prevention Awareness

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month is also meant to highlight the role of prevention for those that have lost a loved one due to drugs or alcohol.

Below, you’ll find a few shocking facts that will hopefully help those that aren’t fully aware of the dangers of substance abuse affecting teens and young adults see that there is a real threat to our younger population.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that more than 18 million Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Of that, more than 13 million are addicted to alcohol, alone. More than 3 million are addicted to illicit drugs and close to 2.8 million teens or young adults are addicted to both alcohol and illicit drugs.

It’s hard to believe that pre-teens are being exposed to drugs and alcohol. Even more, they are so exposed that it’s causing them to become addicted at such a young age. The devastating toll drug and alcohol addiction is taking on American families is unimaginable.

While we tend to group these addictions into one group, substance abuse, there are many factors that contribute to what type of substance is being abused:

  •  Abuse of over-the-counter medications
  •  Alcohol and drug dependence
  •  Illicit drugs
  • Non-medical use of prescription drugs
  • Underage drinking

For more information on National Substance Abuse Prevention month and ways to help your loved ones learn about prevention awareness, be sure to visit back with our drug rehab in Charlotte, soon. We will offer facts, information, tips, and more to help make sure everyone knows about drug and alcohol prevention.

If you or someone you know is already suffering from a substance abuse addiction and needs help from our drug rehab in Charlotte, feel free to contact Legacy Freedom. We are here to help!

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