October Is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

drug treatment in greensboro NCDid you know that the whole month of October is officially National Substance Abuse Prevention Month? If not, it's time to get educated with the help from our drug treatment in Greensboro NC counselors!

When many people think of this month, they associate it with shorter days, cooler weather, apple picking, Halloween, and other fun autumn activities. However, since 2011, many are using this month to fight substance abuse.

Today, we are here to help you understand this awareness so that you can spread the word and help our youth and young adults be better aware of why prevention is the only way to stop addiction. If have a loved one needing drug treatment in Greensboro NC, please consider Legacy Freedom. You'll love our outpatient rehab programs.

October - Celebrating National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

President Obama created National Substance Abuse Prevention month in 2011, in hopes of bringing awareness to addiction to drug and alcohol. The amount of people that abuse these substances is astonishing. Even more, those of all ages struggle with substance abuse. Ages 12 years and older are considered high risk for forming an addiction.

That's why this month should be celebrated with bringing about awareness of prevention. The idea behind this campaign is to stop addiction before it gets started. Prevention is often the only way to stop substance abuse. Are you interested in joining in with celebrating prevention of substance abuse? Here's how:

    Talk to children at home about drugs and alcohol use.

    Talk about substance abuse prevention at work, church and any other organization that you are a part of.

    Get involved with programs that are geared towards substance abuse prevention.

    Volunteer at a local homeless shelter and help spread the word there.

    Encourage others to get involved with this movement.

    Work with your community to create a plan of action that helps discuss addiction and substance abuse in your area.

Did you know that 23 million people ages 12 and older admitted to using illicit drugs? Even more, would you believe that more than $4 billion is spent each year due to substance abuse and related issues?

This is why prevention is such a big deal. Preventing addiction can help immensely. We need to educate our youth, as well as adults and older citizens who are not quite familiar with what it means to steer clear of drugs. Be sure to do whatever you can to bring awareness about substance abuse prevention this month.

In honor of National Substance Abuse Prevention month, be sure to teach your loved ones about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and what addiction can do to harm the body as well as ruin lives. It's something that needs to be talked about, even when you think your loved ones may never fall victim to substance abuse.

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