It’s National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

columbus oh drug rehabOctober is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. 2015 marks the fourth year since President Obama announced the first official observance back in October of 2011. This month is meant to highlight how the role of substance abuse prevention, in both individuals and in the community, is vital to keeping our citizens safe from addiction issues as well as to remember those individuals who have lost their lives due to substance abuse.

Legacy Freedom offers world-class Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment. We recognize the continuing challenges of dealing with addiction issues. We commend the efforts of everyone involved in substance abuse prevention and treatment programs. At Legacy Freedom, one of our main goals is to prevent substance abuse and to help those who suffer from the pain of addiction. So why is having a month dedicated to substance abuse prevention important? Let's find out!

Why We Recognize National Substance Abuse Prevention Month!

Addiction and substance abuse is an epidemic. Millions of Americans, of all ages, suffer from it. This includes recreational use of painkillers, underage drinking, abuse of illicit drugs and OTC medications, and alcohol dependency.

The 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that 20.6 million Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to alcohol and drugs; 14.1 million alcohol, 3.9 million illicit drugs, no alcohol and 2.6 million, alcohol and illicit drugs. What this means is that drug and alcohol abuse is taking a lot from our loved ones, families and communities.

Based on the above report, American young people that are between 12 and 20 years old account for 11% of our country's monthly alcohol consumption. 23 million people aged 12 or older reported that they used illicit drugs in 2010. Furthermore, addiction and substance abuse has been estimated to account for $416 billion in crime, health care, and lost productivity costs.

This is one of the reasons why prevention strategies are key to preventing addiction problems. Prevention not only helps to curb future drug use, but it also helps people lead healthier lives. Early prevention and intervention help to greatly reduce the aftermath and negative consequences that come with addiction problems. With the help of grass-roots community efforts that involve the local educators, healthcare providers, government officers, parents, and especially the youth, substance abuse prevention support systems will get stronger in preventing this epidemic from hurting more of our loved ones.

Substance abuse programs, such as Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol therapy, adult and juvenile drug courts, community treatment programs, school-based treatment programs, and anti-drug and substance abuse coalitions, are all options that help to keep America healthier and safer.

Alcohol and drug abuse can stand in the way of anyone reaching their goals. Whether it be some sort of academic achievement or professional accomplishment, substance abuse will only prevent you from hitting your potential. Furthermore, thousands of Americans die each year from overdose, and the last thing you will want is to become another statistic.

Holistic Columbus OH Drug Rehab Center | Legacy Freedom

If you have problems with substance abuse and addiction, please get the help that you need and that your family deserves. Legacy Freedom is the top choice for those needing a Columbus OH drug rehab center. Our holistic approach to recovery is unique as we offer real recovery from substance abuse through a variety of alternative treatment programs.

Drug addiction, alcohol abuse and other forms of substance abuse are controlling diseases that destroy families and communities. That's why you can depend on Legacy Freedom to personalize your treatment services to meet your needs, and not the needs of the group. The lives we've changed are a direct result of our care and concern. Call Legacy of Columbus today to learn more.

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