Must-Read Books About Addiction and Recovery, Part 2

substance abuse treatment centers in raleigh NCReading about other people’s experiences with drug and alcohol abuse can provide insight into the struggle of addiction. In this two-part series, we’re highlighting books by real people that document their struggles with addiction and how they overcame it.

Here are five more to put on your must-read list. Are you still searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Raleigh NC? Save time by calling Legacy Freedom today! We can help you with affordable, outpatient options.

More Books That Can Help with Addiction

Permanent Midnight
A television writer living in Los Angeles details his descent into heroin abuse in this memoir that was later made into a movie. In the 1980s, Jerry Stahl wrote for popular shows such as Alf and Moonlighting while struggling with his drug addiction. He ended up losing his family, house and the opportunity to work on a high profile show. Stahl’s dark humor and sharp observations on drug abuse and sobriety have made it a cult classic.

Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man
Bill Clegg seemed to have it all. He had a successful business, lived in a nice apartment in New York City, and was in a steady relationship, but he had a secret. He was addicted to crack. His memoir recounts his experience as a drug addict who lost it all and nearly lost his life. He started writing while in rehab. He said in an interview, “It’s very difficult for me to remember the pleasure in the drug, because it was so despairing and paranoid and frightened and panicked, and horrible, which is a gift that that is my only memory of it now."

Basketball Diaries
Written in 1978, this cult memoir chronicles the early life of Jim Carroll. He talks about growing up in New York City in the 1960s, where he began using drugs as a teenager. He was a talented basketball player who had a scholarship at a private school but he gets in trouble repeatedly because of his drug use. The book has been called a realistic look at the darker side of the 1960s counterculture scene because of its portrayal of addiction and its consequences. By the end of the book, Carroll is addicted to heroin.

In My Skin: A Memoir of Addiction
Kate Holden, a white middle class girl from a loving family, took heroin as a one-time thing with her friends. But she didn’t stop there, and within two weeks, she was addicted. After a few months, she turned to prostitution to support her habit. She struggled with her addiction for five years while working in a brothel before finally turning to her family for help. This honest and haunting memoir shows that addiction can affect anyone.

Dry: A Memoir
Augusten Burroughs had a hard childhood, which was chronicled in his first memoir, Running with Scissors. He made it through and managed to create a decent life and find a good job in advertising. The stress of his career led him to drink to blow off steam, but when his drinking became too much, his employer forced him into rehab. Burroughs talks about his experience getting clean using a mix of dark humor and poignancy.

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