Music and Your Mood

mental health facilities in Raleigh, NCWhether it's transforming a bad day into a good one, reminding you of an old flame, or offering you hope, the right song at the right time can be a powerful emotional experience. For centuries people have relied on music to tell stories, convey emotions, and express their innermost feelings. Now researchers have learned that music can have a powerful effect on your health and mental well being. The American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) has authored a study which revealed that listening to music lowers heart and breathing rates as well as reduces stress and anxiety levels. Music's benefits for mental and physical health don't stop there. This powerful tool is being used to treat multiple mental and physical illnesses in different settings. If you're searching for outpatient mental health facilities in Raleigh, NC, please call Legacy Freedom for help.

When you think of cancer treatment, you probably think of chemotherapy and radiation, not music. However, the AJPH study found that when cancer patients were played certain types of music, they reported less pain, an improved sense of control, and that their immune systems improved. The act of listening to pleasant music creates a reaction in the brain that activates the centers that are linked to stress, reward, and mood. Flooding these areas with the potent neurochemical dopamine makes the listener feel satisfied, relaxed, and rewarded. An increased level of serotonin is also produced in the brain, alleviating pain and increasing feelings of happiness.

The right music has the power to produce adrenaline in the body, stimulating the brain and the cardiovascular system. By exciting the brain and the cardiovascular system, your mood is improved, breathing and circulation are increased, and the listener feels renewed and energetic. On the other hand, music has the power to sedate and relax. When relaxing music is played for a patient before surgery, doctors have reported needing less anesthesia for their patient and that the patient reported less anxiety before the procedure and a reduced level of pain postoperatively. In fact, the neurons in the brain have been seen syncing with the cadence of the music that is being played. Isn't the power of music incredible?

Music is closely linked to emotional experiences. Neuropsychologist Daniel Levitin found that when people listened to music, the emotional and reward centers in the brain activated and that the areas of the brain that recognize and process emotion became extremely active. The natural inclination that most people feel to turn to sad music when they are struggling is the body's way of releasing prolactin in the brain to help you feel comforted. Levitin also found that motivation, power, and stamina show marked improvements while people were listening to music. This may be why so many people reach for headphones before they get on the treadmill or go for a bike ride.

In the last decade, more research has begun to focus on using music and sound therapy to treat many mental health concerns. From depression to anxiety to PTSD, music has been shown to help patients significantly improve both mentally and physically.

Affordable Outpatient Mental Health Facilities in Raleigh, NC

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