More Lessons from Mr. Rogers on Mental Health

Counselor in Columbus, OHWelcome back to our continuing series on what we learned from Mr. Rogers about mental health. What started as a show for children in 1968 became a part of American culture that showed children and adults that talking about their feelings and asking for help was okay. In our previous post, we highlighted a few of the lessons learned from this television personality. In the hours and hours of footage left behind by the show, Fred Rogers covered tough topics like sadness, fear, and loving yourself. Here are some more lessons we learned from Mr. Rogers. Searching for a counselor in Columbus, OH? Call Legacy!

Be Patient and Slow Down
When Mr. Rogers wanted to share with his young viewers what it sounded like when the fish in his on set aquarium ate their food he called a marine biologist. The biologist installed a special microphone in the tank but became frustrated when the fish weren't eating. While they could have rerecorded the scene, Rogers insisted on keeping it as an appreciation of the silence. In the opening sequence of the show, the light on the stoplight glows yellow as a way for children and parents alike to slow down. In a world where the pace is fast, and the focus on the result is so important, the lesson to slow down and appreciate where you are at this moment rings true.

Treat Others with Kindness
Rogers encouraged his viewers to be themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. Rogers' off-camera personality wasn't much different from his on-air persona. From inviting his limo driver to dinner to starting a singalong with passengers on a subway train, Rogers encouraged kindness in his audience and demonstrated it himself. Caring for others was his message and the only way to do that was through kindness. Being kind to ourselves and taking the time we need to care for our mental health and well-being is critical.

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At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we know it can be difficult to ask for help or care for ourselves. We are so busy being parents, coworkers, coaches, spouses, and leaders that we neglect our own mental health and well-being. However, asking for the help you need to overcome depression, anxiety, or stress is essential. Using our holistic approach to mental health care, we have helped thousands of clients learn to overcome their struggles with anxiety, stress, and depression by using positive and healthy coping methods.

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