Mourning Your Addiction

Working at the leading alcohol and drug rehab Raleigh facility, Legacy Freedom, allows us to really spend time with our patients in recovery. We often hear our patients talk about their drug of choice as a friend... as if they have formed a relationship with their vice. When you break this analogy down, it becomes easy to see why recovering addicts feel this way. For instance, there is the high of discovering something new and exciting, the intimacy of using and sneaking around, and the butterflies of anticipating that first rush of euphoria like getting a first kiss from a new boyfriend or girlfriend. The more time spent together, the stronger the attachment and relationship grows. An addict can actually start to "love" their substance abuse.

When an addict starts spending more time getting high, they isolate themselves from everyone else. As their cravings grow, the addiction becomes their only priority in life. As the chemical dependence intensifies, bank accounts are drained and now this new relationship, your new "love", becomes a full time job just so you can feel normal. Now the drug has became a permanent fixture that will never leave the addict. The fun and excitement has now turned into a shameful and confining real problem.
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One of our patients told us once that her husband actually thought she was having an affair. He knew something was wrong in their relationship due to the time she was spending away from their family. He was picking up on the lies, but he just could not figure out what exactly was happening. In a way, she was having an affair but not with a person. Her love affair was with opiates and pain killers. She expressed how much she loved her pills and didn't want to ever be separated from them. In our recovery and treatment work at our drug rehab Raleigh NC facility, we get our patients to look at their addiction as a negative relationship. One that they must separate themselves from to survive.

When a patient finally realizes that they must say goodbye, forever, to their substance abuse, then real change and healing start to occur. You will not be able to fully recover until you understand that the only healthy relationships you should have are ones with the sober people that love and support you - not with your addiction. In essence, your addiction problems are dead and you are being born again into a new life. Mourning your addiction, as if a death has occurred, is also very symbolic and represents the ending of a very deep and connected relationship in order to actually stay alive.

Holistic Drug Rehab Raleigh NC | Legacy Freedom

Legacy Freedom offers holistic drug rehab Raleigh NC treatment programs with wonderful counselors that understand your recovery needs. We understand what it takes to get you back into a sober way of life. We don't use opiate replacement therapy because we want you to manage your life without these crutches. If you have a drinking problem, issues with pain pills or other substances, please give us a call for the help that you deserve. Your family also deserves this, so why not take the first step toward recovery and call us today? This call could be the one decision that saves your life.

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