Motherhood and ADD

ADHD therapy in Raleigh, NCMotherhood is stressful. Whether you are a single parent or you have a spouse to help wrangle your kids with you, whether you stay at home or work full-time, being a mom is hard. When you add in struggling with ADD or ADHD to the mix, motherhood can be just plain overwhelming. While the focus tends to be on the mothers who raise children who have ADD or ADHD, we all too often forget that sometimes the women who work to hold it all together struggle with ADD or ADHD too.

Moms who aren't battling ADD or ADHD struggle daily to balance work stress, family demands and squeezing in personal time. When you add ADD and ADHD to the mix, the fight for the work/life balance becomes almost impossible. Without the support they need from family or friends, these women experience higher rates of depression and anxiety. Coupling depression and anxiety with ADD or ADHD is an often crippling mixture for women who are expected to function in a demanding environment with very little downtime.

At Legacy Freedom, we understand how difficult dealing with ADD and ADHD can be. Our expert staff is highly trained in helping people manage their ADD and ADHD as well as the co-occurring mental health concerns like chronic depression and anxiety that go along with it. If your ADD and ADHD are newly diagnosed, or you are concerned that you may have ADD or ADHD and want to be evaluated, or you have been previously diagnosed but let your treatment plan lapse, Legacy Freedom can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care allows us to treat the whole person, not just the mental illness. Healing the mental, physical and emotional health of our patients is our priority. Your care team will work with you to design a care plan that fits your unique needs and interests. Together with our nutritionists and physical therapists you will work on healing and nourishing your body. Through talk therapy and non-traditional therapies like acupuncture, adventure therapy, and yoga, you will learn new coping skills and how to manage with our ADHD therapy in Raleigh, NC.

If your daily struggles involve living with depression or anxiety in addition to your ADD/ADHD, Legacy Freedom can help. The same holistic treatment plan which is the basis for your ADD/ADHD treatment can be customized to help address your co-occurring mental health issues as well. Utilizing group therapy, traditional therapy, and other alternative therapies will help you learn to break the cycle of depression and anxiety and allow you to enjoy living each day.

As a mother with ADD/ADHD, you are expected to multitask in an environment which is often chaotic. Putting organizational plans in place to help you stay focused on the mundane tasks of laundry, house cleaning, and meal preparation will make your daily living activities easier. Those who struggle with ADD/ADHD often have difficulty focusing and completing tasks in the home because their brains crave things that are highly stimulating or engaging. Finding ways to make the ordinary household chores enjoyable is key to helping a woman with ADD/ADHD focus long enough to complete the task.

ADHD Therapy in Raleigh, NC

Tired of struggling with your ADD/ADHD and its accompanying mental health issues? Let our care team help you being the journey to healing with Legacy Freedom of Raleigh. We invite you to learn more about our different therapies we offer. Browse our other blogs and find out more about our holistic approach to mental health care and find out what makes Legacy Freedom different than any other mental health treatment experience you have ever had. Help is just a phone call away, so call now to learn more about our ADHD therapy in Raleigh, NC!

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