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angry young woman screaming and pointing at small calm womanWelcome back to the second blog in our series on motherhood and ADD/ADHD. In our previous post, we discussed how women who have ADD/ADHD often struggle with completing daily tasks around their homes because they are simply not appealing to a brain that requires high levels of stimulation. Also, women who have ADD/ADHD are more likely to also struggle with anxiety and depression. These issues compound an already difficult scenario for stay at home moms and working moms with ADD/ADHD. For the best Raleigh ADHD treatment, call Legacy Freedom.

So how do you help yourself manage your home, family, job and wellbeing in a productive and engaging way? Author and Ph.D., Lynn Weiss has studied this quandary and says that women with ADHD, no matter how successful in other areas of their life, struggle on the household front and experience stress and a feeling of failure trying to measure up. Creating a life that fits your abilities and needs rather than trying to make your abilities and needs meet a standard is key. Run your household in the best way for you to minimize the guilt, stress, and anxiety that trying and failing to meet household requirements brings.

Here are the most common ways to help you effectively manage your home as a woman with ADD/ADHD:

  • Organize Yourself - Limit the daily struggle of finding your keys, your sunglasses, work badge and remembering appointments with a dedicated table or shelf to place these items on. Make it pretty and attractive by choosing a decorative bowl to catch small items, hooks for your jacket or purse and a small reminder board for bills, permission slips, and appointment reminders.
  • Mail Call - Create a habit of dealing with your mail by the shredder. If it's not important or it's junk - shred it. Place your bills on the reminder board and then use a slot system for mail for others in the household. Eliminating the clutter of mail, catalogs and flyers helps you feel in control. Toss magazines and newspapers in a basket where family members know to look for these items.
  • All Hands on Deck - One evening a week, get everyone to walk through the house and pick up after themselves. Give each person their own bin or basket to put their items in. Encourage kids to pick up and put away their things by offering a small reward for bringing you an empty bin after pickup. This can be a trip out for ice cream, an extra 30 minutes of screen time, or another meaningful reward.
  • Create Your Space - When you are designing or decorating your home, consider things that will make it easier for you to function. Choose dark furniture that's┬áless likely to show drips and stains, an ottoman that doubles as storage to allow for quick and easy pickup, rugs at the doors that help catch mud and dirt, and flooring that disguises crumbs and spots. Choose wall colors that wear well or use faux effects to hide small fingerprints and smudges.
  • Hire Out the Housework - Understanding that housework isn't your forte is ok. Why not pay someone who enjoys scrubbing, sweeping and shining up your home to do it for you? This additional expense is justified and will help not only you, but also your family function more easily. This manageable expense every month will eliminate the pressure you feel to do tasks your brain is not suited for and will reduce the tensions in your home that arise when things aren't clean or picked up.
  • Rest and Restore - Most importantly, create a space just for you in your home. Sometimes women with ADD/ADHD just need a place to shut down and reset. Whether it is a cozy chair in your bedroom away from the hustle and bustle of the family or a small, calm room for yourself, ensure that your family understands that this is your space for downtime.

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