Most Common Misunderstandings Concerning an Addict – Part 4

Are you having trouble with a family member or friend who's dealing with drug addiction? If so, it's important to understand a few things before making a judgment on them. Addicts have a serious problem that isn't going to be fixed easily. Oftentimes, they require drug treatment in Charlotte NC before things get better.

Below, you'll find several misconceptions of addicts that many people assume to be true. On the contrary, there not at all. We hope to enlighten you on addiction and how to deal with addicts so that when they're ready, you can offer them the help they need.

Misconceptions | Drug Treatment in Charlotte NC

Addicts can be scared into recovery. Threatening to send someone to rehab or jail over their drug use isn’t going to help them find lasting recovery. They’ll likely stop using long enough to make you think they’re ready for recovery. 90 percent of the time, they’ll go right back to using as soon as they’re no longer scared.

Oftentimes, threatening to punish addicts (no matter what form of punishment is threatened) will cause them to act out even more. Addiction is a disease that must be treated like one. As we’ve mentioned a few times, neurological changes in the brain cause these problems. Keep that in mind when approaching addicts about recovery.

Legacy Freedom Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

If you’re suffering from an addiction and need help, consider drug treatment in Charlotte NC. Addiction isn’t something that can be beat easily. Oftentimes it requires extensive rehab and support. Legacy Freedom is here to offer both to you, when you’re ready.

Addiction can leave you feeling sad, lonely, and angry. You are not alone. Legacy Freedom is here to help you get back on track to a happier, healthy, drug free life.

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