More Ways to Stay Active in Winter

 Drug Treatment In Asheville NCAre you hoping to keep going and stay fit during the coldest time of the year? In our last blog post we offered tips for those that prefer to keep it indoors. Today, we have a few tips to help keep you warm and moving outside!

If you’re one to stay outdoors while working out, you aren’t out of luck. You can still jog or walk while it’s cold outside as long as you take precaution and dress properly. There’s no need to forgo maintaining a healthy lifestyle due to a little coldness!

Below, you'll find several tips for dressing in winter while working out! Searching for alternative drug treatment in Asheville NC? Call Legacy Freedom for free information on how we can help you, or your addicted loved ones!

Tips for Staying Active in the Winter

Layer - The best way to stay warm, but not too warm, is to layer your clothing. Wear a base of polypropelyne to keep the sweat away from your body. The second layer should consist of fleece. It’s great to help keep you warm and less sweaty. Then, for a final layer, wear a waterproof jacket that’s also breathable. You can also take the first layer off if you get too warm and still be comfortable while exercising outside.

Cover Extremities - Never go out with ears, toes or fingers exposed. Doing so can increase your chances for frostbite. 90 percent of body heat is lost through the head, so it’s important to keep yours covered as well!

Sunscreen - Even though it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you won’t be exposed to harmful rays from the sun. Use sunscreen even hour that you’re outdoors on any skin that is exposed to the sun.

Precautions - If you’re going out to exercise in the dark, be sure to wear an outer layer that’s warm and reflective. You’ll want to ensure you have the right footwear as well to prevent falls on icy roads. Weather conditions can be a bit unpredictable during cold months, so it’s best to be prepared.

Are you excited to start exercising but have been deterred by the weather until now? These tips will keep you warm and active! Being outside is a great way to keep a positive mindset and fight those winter blues! No one says you have to stay in during this time! Think outside the box when staying active in winter. You don’t have to stay indoors until the warmer weather comes back. Use your resources to stay fit and healthy, all while being warm, too!

If you do prefer staying in and warm but also want to be as active as possible, visit our previous blog post. We have tips to help you stay active indoors!

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