More Ways Tech Can Help with Recovery

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Columbus OH Welcome back to our next installment on how technology can help addicts with their long-term recovery. If you're just now joining us, you might want go back and read over part one. It talked about how technology is great for looking up information, finding support and meetings as well as connecting with others.

This piece will be more of the same where we'll break down a few more ways we think technology is good for recovery. Did you know that Legacy Freedom is one of the top substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH? Continue reading to see how we can help your family with addiction recovery.

More Ways Tech Helps Recovering Addicts

Online Counseling - Don't want to leave your house to meet with your counselor or doctor? Using technology such as Skype or other video conferencing software allows patients to have these sessions right over the internet, from the comfort of their own home. Granted, these sessions are not as intense as face-to-face meetings, but they also make for a good alternative in certain situations.

Digital Based Treatment Programs - Some people just learn in different ways, that's why technology is becoming more and more important in the way addicts are being treated. Advancements in computer programming has allowed digital and virtual based treatment programs to become a reality instead of science fiction.

Virginia Tech has been doing some research on this. Warren Bickel is a professor at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute as well as the director of it's Addiction Recovery Research Center. He said, “People are suffering and dying,” and that, “They’re overdosing and need treatment, but limited funding makes it even more challenging to provide treatment. I thought we might be able to harness information technology to help people in the throes of addiction.” His type of computerized therapy required the least amount of counselor time, which decreases costs, and allows for more patients to gain access.

Starting a Blog - Think of a blog as an online journal that you're sharing with the world. A blog can be a great outlet and way for you to document your recovery. You never know, what you publish might just inspire someone to finally seek the treatment they need to regain their sobriety. Blogging is something that can be set up for free and all it will cost you is some time and creative energy. That being said, blogging is also really fun and therapeutic. You don't have to limit yourself to writing just about addiction and recovery ... you can basically write on any topic you want. Just have fun with it.

Online Forums and Communities - We've talked about connecting with people and using social media, but online forums are another great outlet to find like-minded individuals that share your same interests. Those interests do not have all be about addiction recovery either as there are millions of online forums on the internet covering all sorts of topics. There are forums for your favorite sports teams, TV shows, musicians, video gaming forums, and even forums for hiking, travel, and all sorts of hobbies. These places are typically safe for recovering addicts to connect with people online.

We hope these last two posts have shown you ways that technology can help you with your recovery. If you'd like to learn more, be sure to visit back with our blog soon, or call us with any questions.

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