More on Car Buying Anxiety

Counselor in Charlotte, NCWelcome back to our continuing series on anxiety and car buying. The car buying experience can be very stressful. In our last post, we shared some tips to help you overcome the anxiety you may feel when you are preparing to go to the dealership to shop. If you need an anxiety counselor in Charlotte, NC, that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom for help.

From choosing the makes and models you are interested in to securing your own financing before you go, properly preparing to buy a vehicle ahead of time can significantly reduce the amount of anxiety you feel once you're on the lot.

Here are some more helpful tips on reducing anxiety in your car buying process:

  • Compare Financing Options - Being pre-approved before you go to the dealership secures your funding. Compare what your bank or other lender is offering to the dealership's financing offer in order to ensure you're getting the best deal. Having your financing terms in front of you to review helps alleviate the stress and anxiety of choosing the right one. Let the numbers speak for themselves.
  • Don't Stray from Your Budget - Once you start talking about buying, the pressure is typically on. If you aren't able to get what you want, walk away. There are plenty of dealerships that can work with you on price and features to get you something that you will be happy with and can afford. Your sales associate may contact you after the fact with a better deal or new financing terms, so be sure to write all the numbers down.
  • Get a Fair Trade-in - Selling your car to the dealership is a negotiation as well. Doing your homework and knowing what the fair trade-in value for your vehicle is will make this process much easier. If you feel that you are not getting fair value for your trade-in, take your business elsewhere.
  • Take Your Time - Read all the documents that you are asked to sign and ask questions if you don't understand. Ask about warranties, rebates, and other programs that may benefit you during your ownership of the vehicle. Avoid getting talked into services your car may not need like fabric protection, rust proofing, service agreements or paint sealants.
  • Buy with Confidence - Before you sign on the dotted line, you should feel confident that you got the best deal and the features that you wanted in a vehicle. If there are residual doubts or you had to compromise on the features you really wanted, it may be worth taking one more look at another dealership. No buyer's remorse for you!

Enlisting a friend or relative to accompany you to the dealership can also help you move through the process with less anxiety. Asking them to keep notes on financing terms, vehicle features, and quoted payment amounts can allow you to focus on the vehicle, the way it drives and whether you truly like it. Take a break from the process at any point if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Your friend or family member can help you refocus and relax so that you can complete your buying process.

Anxiety Counselor in Charlotte, NC

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