More Info On Vaping

Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OHThanks for coming back for part three on our series on vaping from our center for alcohol rehab in Columbus OH.

In part one on vaping, we gave you a basic overview of what vaping is. This included defining vaping, what eLiquid is made up of, and how the vaping and cigarettes differ in nicotine levels. In part two of vaping or not, we discussed a few of the pros, cons, and I even gave my own personal opinion. We hope that you go back and read over these two posts if you're trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

In this series installment, we're going to cover a few more of the pros and cons. Did you know that Legacy Freedom provides the most affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH? Call us today or keep reading to learn more.

More Pros and Cons of Vaping

Pro - No Tobacco

The biggest pro, liked me mentioned in the last part is that there is no smoke or tobacco. When a cigarette is burned, it produces many carcinogens. In fact, the FDA says that there are 79 “harmful or potentially harmful” carcinogens in tobacco and smoke.

Another pro is that vaping could be a better alternative than using a patch or chewing nicotine gum. One study out of New Zealand reported that cigarette smokers trying to quit showed a 50% better response rate using an E-Cig than over the patch.


There are risks involved with using vaporizers and E-Cigs. One risk is having the battery explode. That's right, the device could explode right in your face and you could be severally injured. Your eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, and more can be damaged. Even though this is a occurrence is usually rare, there have been several occurrences over the years. However, using any mobile device with a battery carries the same risk. A battery in your cellphone, gaming system, laptop, and more can also explode at anytime.

Be sure to check out next post on vaping for information about how vaping can affect your health. Click here to jump ahead. If you have a loved one who is suffering from drinking or drug problems, please keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom helps families beat addiction.

Affordable Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OH

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