More habits of self-destructive people

drug rehab in columbus OHWelcome back to our third installment on the topic of self-destructive behavior, and the habits that come along with it. If you're just now joining our discussion, part one talked about the definition of self-destructive behavior, and the three different models that are used to classify these risky behaviors. Click here if you would like to know more about what self-destruction actually is.

Our last post introduced us to a few of the habits that self-destructive people engage in. Click here to read more about these dangerous habits! In this post we are going to continue discussing bad habits associated with self-destructive people.

More Habits of Self-Destructive People

Self-Harm Or Mutilation - This is one of the more extreme behaviors and not everyone suffering from this state will do so. Anyone that is engaging in self-harm is also suffering from something more serious mentally. People that fall into this category should be seeking treatment immediately.

Self-Pity - This habit is often manifested unconsciously. The reason this habit is so self-destructive is that self-pity encourages us to continue to wallow in our misfortunes when we should be proactively fixing ourselves.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse or Other Addictions - Someone that abuses drugs, alcohol, or has other addictions are constantly engaging in self-destruction. This type of behavior can create an endless list of problems and misery for not only the addicts, but their family and friends as well.

No Social Life - Lots of people that are self-destructive by nature alienate themselves from their peers. This habit can be because of a variety of irritating or antisocial behaviors. Addicts also often become recluses and keep to themselves so they can constantly stay high.

Hiding or Running From Emotions - Not ever being willing to face your emotions, whether good or bad ones, is a big habit of those that constantly put themselves in self-destructive situations. This actually can create other mental, emotional and physiological problems down the road.

Refusing Help From Loved Ones - Most self-destructive people will never accept any help. They avoid seeing a therapist and alcohol or drug rehab in Columbus OH. When someone does not want help, or to help themselves, this is a telltale sign that they are into self-sabotaging.

If you know someone, or you yourself are displaying these types of behaviors, please get the help you deserve! Don't miss out on the next post where we talk about why we self-destruct.

Alternative Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus OH for Self-Destructive People

If you've turned to drugs and alcohol because of self-destructive behavior, maybe it's time to seek treatment.

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