More Fun, Sober Activities for the Beach

drug and alcohol treatment center in greensboro NCThere are tons of ways to spend your vacation at the beach having fun and staying sober. Don't believe us? This blog, combined with our last blog post offers many great ideas for those that aren't sure how to spend their time.

While you're at the beach, think outside the box. Think of fun, wholesome activities that will not only help you relax but also offer quality time with loved ones! However, if addiction has taken control of your life, make a change for the better. Call the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Greensboro NC! Call Legacy Freedom!

More Fun, Sober Beach Activities

Rent a Boat

If you or someone you're with know how to maneuver a boat, consider renting one for the day. If the beach you're visiting has a sound, float the day away on a relaxing, fun boat ride.

Camping on the Beach

One of the most relaxing sleeps you'll ever have is right next to the ocean. Not to mention, camping out on the beach with a tent is a lot of fun! Be sure to check all the rules and regulations of camping on the beach before setting up your tent. You don't want to violate any local laws against this type of activity.


If the laws allow it, consider having a bonfire and cookout on the beach one evening. You can surf fish, grill what you've caught and roast marshmallows after. All ages will enjoy this past time. Spending the evening on the beach, next to the ocean, is a great way to relax and reflect on life.


If you've already thought about surf fishing, why not add pier, deep sea or fly-fishing to your list? Fishing is a great, rewarding activity when you catch a ton of fish!

Treasure Hunt

Have one person hide various things in the sand with small landmarks to help the others find them. This treasure hunt will be tons of fun! You can also rent metal detectors and search the beach for lost treasures of the past as well!

Beach Golf

Set up buckets of water, coolers, water bottles and beach balls in a pattern to reflect a mini-golf course. Then, use a Frisbee to try and ring the buckets of water.

We hope these ideas help you plan your next trip to the beach. Remember, our previous blog has other ideas as well! Visit back with it here! Do you have any fun past times that you like to do at the beach? If so, share them with us in the comments! We are always looking for new ways to spend time on vacation while staying sober and having fun!

If you're ready to beat addiction and get back on the path to a happy, healthy life, contact us at Legacy Freedom of Greensboro.

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