More Easy Resolutions for the Recovering Addict

Asheville drug and alcohol treatment centerWelcome back! We are here to talk more about easy resolutions for recovering addicts. Sometimes we forget how important setting goals for the new year can be. They’re inspiring and give us structure to make new habits and remain positive when we get down. It gives us something to look forward.

Below, you’ll find a few more ideas that are easy to incorporate into your life! Do you need an alternative Asheville drug and alcohol treatment center that you can also trust? Legacy can help, call now!

More Easy Resolutions for Recovering Addicts

Encourage Others - This is something we rarely think about. However, encouraging others through sharing stories, quotes or words of wisdom will brighten a friend or family member’s day. It will also brighten your day as well. In our last blog post we talked about encouraging ourselves with inspirational books. If you’ve picked this resolution, use quotes, stories and thoughts from the books you’re reading or research other kind words.

You can even share these things on a blog, social media accounts or other places that you’re sure others will see! The difference you’ll make in someone’s day helps in your journey to long-lasting recovery as well!

Start Running - You won’t believe the health benefits that come from running. Most of us consider the benefits to our physical health, but it can also help us mentally as well. Those hoping to continue their recovery well into 2016 and more will find that running will help you reach that goal. In addition, you’ll be getting in shape, burning calories and losing weight. It’s a great habit that could turn into a hobby that you are passionate about.

Worried it might not be something you can easily pick up? Don’t worry! There are ways to make sure you start out slow and move forward all through the year.

Make short term and long term goals that you can achieve all throughout the year. Try for a 3k, 5k and half marathon. You can even start by making weekly running goals until you get the hang of things. Running a mile or two a day is shorter than you think once you start.

We hope these resolutions help you not only continue your recovery throughout 2016, but also help you grow and learn more. We all need to take time to better ourselves, whether we are recovering from addiction or not. Find a friend that’s willing to work with you to set resolutions and help you keep them going. It will be fulfilling for you both!

If you missed our previous blog post, be sure to visit back to learn about more easy New Year’s resolutions!

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