More Celebrities That Beat Addiction

Greensboro NC Drug RehabAddiction comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn't discriminate. The person you would least expect can find themselves in the throes of a substance abuse problem before they ever really notice it is an issue.

You hear of the many sad cases of addiction that involve deaths from overdose or other serious health complications. There are, however, just as many stories that involve success. Overcoming addiction is possible for everyone. Even celebrities that have an addiction problem often overcome it.

In our last blog post, we talked about several stars who beat their addiction. Today, we will discuss a few more. If you, or a loved one, need Greensboro NC drug rehab and alcohol treatment, call Legacy Freedom. We can help.

More Celebs That Beat Addiction Problems

Matt Damon - With a serious addiction to smoking tobacco, this popular actor had a hard time kicking the habit. That is, until he saw himself in a photo taken while he was on vacation with a cigarette in his hand. He immediately realized how terrible he looked and decided to quit smoking. It's been rumored that he even talked his best pal, Ben Affleck, into quitting as well.

Robert Downey Jr. - After a long addiction that caused him to be passed over for important roles, Downey got the help he needed in rehab. His addiction began at the age of 8, when he learned his habits from his drug addicted father. In his 20s, his substance abuse got worse. It wasn't until he played a drug addict in the movie Less Than Zero that his addiction became debilitating. He was considered such a liability within the business, no one wanted to give him any work until they were sure he was clean. Now, he is filming major motion pictures without an addiction getting in the way.

Jamie Lee Curtis - For years, this talented woman of Hollywood struggled with a prescription pain medicine addiction. It wasn't until the King of Pop's death in 2009 that she fully began to realize the extent of her addiction. She immediately began penning an essay to the Huffington Post about how the loss of Michael Jackson affected her. In it, she wrote, “The morphine becomes the war bath from which to escape painful reality.” Since then, she has gone to rehab and fully recovered from her addiction.

Britney Spears - While we know more about how she acted on drugs and alcohol, due to her wildly publicized life, this pop princess struggled with substance abuse for quite a while in the early part of the new millenia. Thankfully, after an intervention from family and friends, Britney was able to find the courage to enter rehab and find recovery. To this day, she has remained sober and continues to lean on the support of her friends and family.

An addiction doesn't have to end in a sad story. There are ways to fight it and find recovery. If you're worried about yourself or someone you know, please contact Legacy Freedom to learn more about our alternative therapy programs that are guaranteed to work.

Quality Alcohol and Greensboro NC Drug Rehab Begins with Legacy Freedom

Addiction and substance abuse problems do not get easier to deal with over time. It's a problem that can consume your life before anyone realizes it's happening.  It's important to get help as soon as possible. Life without substance abuse is possible. Whether it's you or someone you love consider the help that can come from outpatient, customized therapy like the type that Legacy Freedom offers. Call us today to learn more about our Greensboro NC drug rehab and alcohol treatment.

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