Monitoring Your New Year’s Resolutions

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A few weeks ago, we touched on the dangers recovering addicts face by even making New Year's Resolutions and how sometimes these can be detrimental to one's sobriety. If you know someone that needs help with their addiction problems, who has been struggling with their resolutions, how about calling Legacy Freedom? We can offer them holistic, outpatient alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, Charlotte NC and Raleigh NC. Call us today and we can discuss a plan for your loved one to get well again. We put together a list of suggestions that can help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions all while maintaining your recovery strategy and sobriety.

Rescue Your Resolutions

We're almost into February and you might be already falling behind on your New Year's Resolutions. Take a moment and reevaluate what you're doing here. It's OK to rework your list if it will help you maintain your sobriety. You really want to make sure you're not overreaching. You really don't need to make several resolutions, making only one sensible resolution is a really smart way to go. You'll be able to channel all of your energy into achieving one rational goal.

After you've chosen your new goal, break it down into specifics parts. Take your overall goal and segment it out into smaller sub-goals. This will allow you to easily track your progress and warm up to your objectives. This method will really be easy on your time and more manageable. You'll also be able to build confidence along the way by starting with smaller goals and working your way up.

Now you have to keep track of your progress. Write down your progress on your goal-related activities. Creating a log sheet to monitor your progress is an easy way to stay on track, stay organized, and stay motivated. Writing things down and seeing them everyday should help provide you with the motivation to keep shooting for the stars. Small things like checking off one of your smaller goals can be really fulfilling and rewarding. At the end of each week you can catalogue any successes, motivational or inspirational occurrences, and even setbacks related to your resolution goals. When you get to a low point, break these out and re-read them for extra motivation.

Realize that setbacks will happen and they should be expected. If you go ahead and prepare yourself now, you'll be able to more easily handle them when they occur. Do not use a setback as an excuse to give up. Avoid the bad,quitter type of attitudes. Instead, use this setback as a motivator to get better and work harder.

Finally, be sure to always reward yourself for a job well done. Every time you check off a sub-goal from your list, reward yourself in an appropriate way. However, this does not mean go out and eat a dozen doughnuts if your sub-goal was to lose 10 pounds. This will only set you back even more. Maybe buy yourself those new workout headphones you had been wanting instead?

The big goal here is not to give up no matter what. No matter how many setbacks or problems you face, fight through them. Lean on your support system and family for help. There are also lots of online resources that can help you too. If you have a relapse, call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers.

Holistic Alcohol & Drug Treatment in Columbus OH

At Legacy Freedom, our outpatient alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, Raleigh NC and Charlotte NC can help you get your life back on track. Following our alternative programs can help you kick substance abuse. Call us today and get the help you, or your loved one deserves.

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