Mixing Weed and Coffee

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Wilmington NCIn our previous post, we highlighted the dangers of mixing alcohol with marijuana. While some users combine the two and enjoy an intensified high, others find that the combination produces less than pleasurable results. With the growing number of states legalizing marijuana and stricter laws on where and how you can use it, many companies are getting creative and combining weed into brownies, candies, and even coffee. Is the combination of caffeine and marijuana safe? A neurobiologist at the National Institute of Drug Abuse has co-authored one of the few studies about the mix, and the results are surprising. If you're addicted and need help, reach out to one of the best substance abuse treatment centers in Wilmington NC. Call Legacy Freedom today!

The neurological dynamics of the effect of THC and caffeine on the brain is complicated. There is no doubt that caffeine is addictive. When the two substances combine, caffeine increases the addictive effects of marijuana. An increased desire for THC becomes present when caffeine is introduced into the equation. The amount of caffeine that is present in a regular cup of tea or coffee is capable of affecting the mind, behavior, and emotions. Many people fail to realize that caffeine is a potent psychoactive drug.

Caffeine works in your brain by blocking and boosting neurotransmitters. By blocking the receptors for the neurotransmitter adenosine in the brain, caffeine makes you feel more awake and boosts your mood. When caffeine excites the neurotransmitters that are related to dopamine in the brain feelings of reward and pleasure become activated. By combining caffeine with THC, you get a one-two punch to your dopamine neurons. THC has been shown to stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain as well. The pairing magnifies the intensity of the dopamine rush, causing the user to feel energized and relaxed. Researchers strongly caution users of caffeine and marijuana against combining the two. Even the smallest amount of caffeine increases the effects of THC on the brain.

Studies also found that those who combined the two substances experienced heightened memory problems. Marijuana has been linked with memory impairment, and when caffeine was ingested at the same time, these memory issues worsened. There are no long-term statistics to tell scientists what this means for future memory impairment, but research does indicate that those who are younger users of the two are at a greater risk for impairment because of their still developing brains.

Overall it is difficult to know exactly how the combination will affect each person. Individual genetics, vulnerabilities, and sensitivities must all be taken into account when you consider combining two powerful psychoactive drugs. If you are struggling with an addiction to marijuana or caffeine, our holistic approach to addiction recovery can help. Thousands of people have successfully broken their addictions to multiple drugs with the help of our unique approach to substance abuse treatment.

Understanding what motivates you to use drugs or alcohol is essential to overcoming your addiction. Whether you use to cope with an undiagnosed mental illness or you choose to party as a way to boost your self-esteem, our therapists will work with you to get to the root of your addiction. Through one-on-one talk therapy and group therapy, you will find the support and understanding you need to overcome the first hurdles of addiction recovery. During your time in our outpatient treatment facility, you will work closely with your Life-Purpose coach to rediscover your goals and passions and create a care plan tailored to your needs and addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Wilmington NC for 2018

For those who struggle with addiction, Legacy Freedom of Wilmington offers Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT). By combining suboxone treatments with our comprehensive therapy approach, hundreds of former clients are living drug-free. Learn more about our MAT program on our website.

Alternative therapy, physical therapy, and nutritional therapy all play an essential role in your recovery process at substance abuse treatment centers in Wilmington NC like Legacy. With more than ten different alternative therapies to choose from you're sure to find a combination of treatments that meets your needs and piques your interests. Utilizing therapies like tai chi, yoga, and equine assisted therapy allows you to develop a mindful practice and open up to new ways of coping and overcoming previous trauma.

Don't let 2017 end without a plan for your sobriety. Your talents and passions are waiting to be rediscovered through sober purpose-filled living. Legacy Freedom and our comprehensive approach to substance abuse treatment can help unlock your potential and reconnect you with your passions and goals. Stop living in the shadow of your addiction to marijuana, pain pills, caffeine, food, sex or other drugs. Break free and make 2018 the year of your sobriety with Legacy Freedom!

Click or call to connect with a member of our care team. Every connection is strictly confidential. We are here to help you live your best life. What are you waiting for?

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