Mixing Marijuana and Percocet Is Not Smart

Asheville drug and alcohol treatment centerPercocet is an extremely powerful painkiller that has dangerous effects. This opioid prescription medication is often abused. Unfortunately, Percocet is very addictive. Those that abuse it become dependent and have trouble weaning off of it alone. This drug can also cause overdose deaths. In addition, severe liver damage can occur because of the acetaminophen found in Percocet. Acetaminophen can build up in the liver over time. After the chronic abuse, this can cause permanent liver damage. If you're looking for the best Asheville drug and alcohol treatment center, call Legacy Freedom for help!

Marijuana is often used and abused because people think that it is a safe, natural drug. They assume that it isn't addictive and that it doesn't have any side effects. However, extended use of marijuana can become addictive. Even casual use can also cause severe side effects, as well.

There is a lot of controversy over marijuana and whether or not it is safe. Using marijuana causes impaired motor skills and judgment. It can be physiologically addictive and lead to addictive behavior.

Many times, those who abuse prescription drugs also use marijuana. Most of the time, it is assumed that a combination of prescription painkillers and marijuana is a safe combination. Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to combining Percocet and marijuana. Why? When opioids are abused and then used with marijuana, the risk of a fatal overdose increases.

When used together, Percocet and marijuana can cause impairment of judgment and motor skills to intensify. Cognitive ability is nonexistent and those who use a combination of marijuana and Percocet are far more impaired than those who are just using one or the other. A combination of the two can cause serious accidents, poor choices and serious, sometimes fatal, consequences.

Driving while using Percocet and marijuana can be extremely dangerous. Because impaired judgment leads to poor driving skills, reckless driving is a risk. In addition, people who mix Percocet and marijuana might decide to mix alcohol on top of high doses of marijuana and Percocet. At the time, they don't think about the dangers that can come with mixing all of these things together.

If you are using Percocet and mixing it with marijuana, it's important to know that suddenly stopping could have very severe consequences. There are major withdrawal symptoms that come with stopping long-term use of Percocet. It's important to immediately contact a drug treatment center so that you can be carefully monitored while withdrawing and detoxing from an opioid. Because this drug can cause liver damage, stomach problems, and death, it's important to know that using it with discretion is advised. Be sure to talk with your doctor extensively about taking an opioid for pain relief. It's important to understand what can happen.

There are many side effects and dangers that come with using drugs, in addition to mixing them with marijuana or alcohol. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our drug treatment center. We are here to help you better understand the dangers of drugs and what they can do to you. We can also help you find recovery. Help is just a phone call away, so call now.

We hope this information sheds some light on mixing Percocet and marijuana and how using it heavily will have an effect on your health. If you or someone you know is using to the point of addiction, please consider contacting Legacy Freedom to learn more about our alternative therapy programs.

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