Should Middle Schools Drug Test Students?

greensboro NC drug rehabSome middle schools are now requiring drug tests for their athletes. One might think that mandatory drug testing in the school setting might be too much, however, there are reasons this type of testing has been implemented in the school system. For quality Greensboro NC drug rehab for teenagers, be sure to call Legacy Freedom.

Middle school students who are being drug tested randomly find this activity very embarrassing and unnecessary. However, many experts say that random drug testing in school systems can actually cut down on drug use in young children or adults.

When athletes are tested in order to see if they are drug-free before playing sports, they know they have a way to say no without it sounding uncool or childish. Many people take middle school sports seriously. That means kids know they won't be able to play if they test positive for drugs. This alone could keep them from using. Even when they are tempted, or in a situation where drugs are available, they have a good reason to say no.

Oftentimes, all it takes is a reason for kids to say no. When reasons are consequences, it's much easier for them to refrain from using. The same is true for kids whose parents have warned them about the dangers of using drugs. They often give them an idea of what the consequences will be like if they choose to use drugs. Knowing the consequences and outcome to expect if they use drugs will give them more than enough reason to say no in a situation where drugs are available.

Middle schoolers do not use drugs as regularly as high school students. However, if drug testing in middle school age kids becomes a requirement all across the US, studies show that the testing will help prevent substance abuse later on. High school students are more apt to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and do other drugs, including taking prescription pills they get from their parents than other kids. Random drug testing in middle school can actually cut down on this happening at an older age. If you, or your child needs Greensboro NC drug rehab, please call Legacy Freedom for help.

Middle school years can be the hardest for some. It's a transitional time that pushes kids to be more productive and more responsible. However, the pressures of becoming more responsible and adult-like can be very difficult. Some kids might find the pressure is just too much. This is when they might turn to substance abuse. Don't assume your child is exempt from using. Testing middle schoolers will do more good than harm. It's important to understand that.

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Do you, as a parent, worry that your drinking or drug use will become a habit your children will pick up in their adult life? If so, now might be the time to stop substance abuse. Addiction isn't something that can be resolved quickly, but recovery is possible for anyone willing to commit to it.

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