Does the Mess in Your Bedroom Say Something About Your Mental Health?

Raleigh Mental Health ServicesYour bedroom is a place of refuge. Creating a space that is organized and neat allows you to retreat away from the world and rest. If you've suddenly found your bedroom is less than pristine, this change could indicate a shift in your mental health. Everyone has made and ignored a mess, especially during busy times or while they have been ill. Other changes in your behaviors in addition to your messy room could be a sign that you are struggling with depression. If you're searching for Raleigh mental health services in 2018, please call Legacy Freedom for help.

While a messy room doesn't necessarily indicate you're in line for an official diagnosis of depression, a suddenly untidy space and no desire to do anything about it can be cause for concern. Evaluating why your space is unkempt is essential. Have you been busy with a looming deadline at work? Has the holiday season had you traveling and rushing in and out? Are you uninterested in keeping this space clean or does the mess not bother you? Answering yes to those questions probably means that you will clean up your space once it reaches the level of untidiness where you feel compelled to do something about it.

On the other hand, if the answer to those questions was no and you're struggling to gain control over your space then it may be time to talk to someone about the way you are feeling. Not maintaining the cleanliness of your room or other areas in your home isn't the only way to detect depression in your life. Canceling social plans over and over, withdrawing from the group when you do go out, or hiding on your phone playing games, shopping, or browsing social media while you are out are also signs you could be struggling with depression. Excessive drinking, working an excessive amount, avoiding phone calls, and always apologizing for feelings, thoughts or opinions may also indicate depression. For help with depression, let Legacy help. We offer affordable Raleigh mental health services.

There are many forms of depression and identifying all the signs and symptoms that come along with being depressed is difficult. Sure there are some classic signs, but depression is as unique as the person who is struggling with it. As a result, many people don't seek treatment right away and can find themselves dealing with severe depression in a short period. If you are experiencing a change in behaviors, thought patterns, or moods which you believe could be related to depression, getting help is as simple as a phone call or click to connect with the care team at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh.

Affordable Raleigh Mental Health Services for 2018

Our approach to mental health care puts you at the center of attention, not your depression. Together with your therapist and care team, you will create a plan of care that revolves around helping you understand the cause of your depression. Once you know why you're depressed the healing can begin. Identifying new ways to cope with the thoughts, feelings, or experiences that are causing you to feel this way is just the beginning.

We have helped thousands of clients take back control and restore hope and balance to their lives. No matter what the cause of your depression, our staff will use both traditional and alternative therapies to help you cope, set boundaries, and learn positive habits to break the cycle of depression.

Ready to get started? Our care team is ready to help! Call or click today and begin your journey to living a life filled with joy and purpose with Raleigh mental health services you can believe in!

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