What Does It Mean When Someone with Mental Illness Says I’m Tired? Part Three

depression therapy in AshevilleDealing with mental illness is exhausting, overwhelming, and stressful. Sometimes, it leaves those suffering without the ability to express how they feel. In those times, individuals will often state that they're tired. However, there's more behind the meaning of that phrase than you might realize. Over the last two blogs, we've talked about what it could mean. Today, we continue with a few final ones. If you missed our previous blogs, you can find links to them at the end of this article. If you need holistic depression therapy in Asheville, Legacy can help you. Call today to learn more.

  • Because sometimes it’s difficult to put how they are feeling into words, stating that they are tired is easier than trying to gather their thoughts. It’s not the type of tired that means they need sleep. It’s the kind of exhaustion that comes with continually dealing with something and never reaching a solution.
  • Many times, stating that they're tired could mean that they're tired of fighting to be “normal.” Sometimes, it’s the little things that are the most difficult when dealing with a mental disorder. That means the perceived norm is hard to achieve.
  • Sometimes, saying that they are tired means that they are mentally, emotionally, and physically tired of everything that has to do with the disorder. It can be difficult to cope with any type of mental illness, especially when it feels like no one understands what you’re going through.

We hope you can use this information to help you support someone you know that might be dealing with a mental illness. To learn more about our facility, contact us.

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