What Does It Mean When Someone with Mental Illness Says I’m Tired? Part Two

mental health therapist in AshevilleWelcome back. We are here to talk more about what your loved one might mean when they say that they're tired. As we talked about in our previous blog, those suffering from mental illness can have trouble expressing their feelings. Sometimes, saying "I'm tired" means more than physical exhaustion. Here, you'll find more information about what they might mean. Do you need to speak with a qualified mental health therapist in Asheville this summer? Please call Legacy. We can help you.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by symptoms that come from mental illness can be tiring. This is the case with any mental health disorder from anxiety to depression, bipolar disorder, and more. Whether the disorder is a mild form or more severe, being overwhelmed by symptoms is common.
  • Oftentimes, those suffering from mental illness are just tired. They’re exhausted from trying to deal with symptoms and cope with their disorder alone. They might need help. If someone you know is suffering from mental illness and needs help contact us.
  • Physical and emotional pain can be very difficult to deal with. Many times, those struggling with mental illness have both types of pain. It can be exhausting trying to juggle these symptoms while also dealing with others. Sometimes, saying they are tired means that they’re tired of being in constant pain.
  • Saying “I’m tired” might mean that even though they’re not having a great day, they’ve had worse. It can mean that they’re glad to be alive and thankful for days that aren’t their worst.
  • Sometimes, continually dealing with mental illness feels like drowning, according to many who suffer day to day. They’re never able to get their head above water. This can be the reason behind them stating that they’re tired.

We know how hard it is to struggle with mental illness every day. We also know that feeling tired from continually battling disorders like depression and anxiety can take its toll on sufferers. To learn more about how to better understand what it means to be tired when dealing with mental illness, visit back soon. Our next blog will have more.

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