Why Your Mental Illness Makes You Tired

Raleigh mental health servicesFor those who constantly battle their own minds and thoughts, feeling drained or exhausted is a common feeling. Whether you are stuck in overdrive because of anxiety or find even the smallest task exhausting because of your depression, living with a mental illness can leave you feeling worn out. Mental illness can often disturb sleep and/or make it difficult to fall asleep. When you live with mental illness, you never fully feel like your battery recharges. If you're tired of being tired all the time from your symptoms, call Legacy Freedom. We offer the best outpatient Raleigh mental health services.

Exhaustion from Mental Illness

The five most common reasons mental illness is exhausting are:

Learning to Practice Self-Care
Eating, sleeping, communicating, exercising and being social helps keep us sane. However, these activities can be exhausting for someone with mental illness. Struggling with anxiety about being in a social situation or feeling depressed because of a lack of exercise can wear you down and make it impossible to do any of the things that you need to do to care for yourself. Even the act of going to get a massage and unplug can be exhausting for someone with a mental illness.

Recovery Is Exhausting
When you work on overcoming your mental illness, each time you do something new or different or confront your mental health you feel exhausted. All of the mental and emotional energy that is required to process the thoughts, feelings, and situations can leave you feeling like you've just completed a marathon.

Learning About Your Diagnosis
The impact of your mental health diagnosis on your life and what it means for your day to day activities is overwhelming. Learning about all the changes you will need to make in order to care for yourself and address your mental health concerns can leave you feeling worn down and needing to retreat.

One-on-One Sessions
Overall, the treatment process can leave you feeling wiped. When you spend time working one-on-one with your therapist, processing all the emotions, questions, and new self-discoveries can leave you feeling particularly spent. While some breakthroughs may energize and empower you after the fact, having them may be a process that expends your energy to the point of crippling fatigue.

Interrupted Sleep
Chronic mental illness impacts your sleep cycle. Whether you sleep too little or too much, not getting adequate sleep reduces your energy level and your ability to concentrate. Feeling frazzled and unfocused is an exhausting way to go through your day.

Legacy Freedom | Raleigh Mental Health Services

If you are feeling exhausted by your mental illness, or you know someone who is, Legacy Freedom can help. Thousands of clients have found positive ways to cope with the negative thoughts and feelings that challenge their well-being and energy each day. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, our staff is able to deliver a complete therapeutic experience for our clients. Treating the whole person and not just the mental illness helps set Legacy Freedom of Raleigh apart from other mental healthcare facilities.

Learn more about our outpatient treatment for mental illness on our blog. Help is waiting for you with Legacy Freedom. Call or click today to begin your journey with Raleigh mental health services that work!



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