Mental Illness and Common Addictions

mental health facilities in Raleigh, NCDrug addict woman prostitute with heroin syringe in vein sitting on the floor. The National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that 4 out of 5 people in America are addicted to something. These addictions might be as simple as a coffee addiction or as severe as cocaine however when you combine those addictions with mental illnesses it can be hard to know whether the mental illness or the drug addiction are controlling the behavior of your friend or loved one. In many cases, mental illness contributes to a person developing a form of substance or drug abuse.

Many of our clients at Legacy Freedom have turned to various addictions to help them cope with their mental illness. We understand that this presents a unique challenge when it comes to treating the mental illness. Our holistic approach to mental health is what sets us apart and what makes choosing Legacy Freedom for your mental health needs a great decision. Approaching your mental health in a holistic way means that we are treating the whole person, not just your mental illness. We recognize the importance combining talk therapy with non-traditional therapies to give our clients the chance to create a care plan that is tailored to them and their needs.

By utilizing our team of counselors, clinicians, dieticians and life coaches, your therapy experience here, at at one of the best mental health facilities in Raleigh, NC, will be unlike anything you have ever tried before. We offer non-traditional therapies like aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, adventure therapy and sound therapy to help our clients lead more stable and prosperous lives. We understand that it's hard to ask for help. Whether you are newly diagnosed with a mental illness, watching your loved one suffer from a mental illness, or you have tried previous programs without success Legacy Freedom is here and ready to help.

Most commonly we see our clients struggle with the following addictions when trying to self-medicate for their mental health:

Alcohol - This is an addiction easily masked by the addict. Easily available and inexpensive most people who have a drinking problem do not realize it is an issue for themselves until it has spiraled out of control. Using alcohol to numb the pain of depression or to curb anxiety can have damaging long-term consequences and can even make the addiction worse. See our previous blog on anxiety and addiction.
Marijuana - More than 4 million people are addicted to marijuana per the National Institute on Drug Abuse. With more states making it legal to obtain and smoke marijuana and people using it for holistic painkillers it has become more socially acceptable to use. However, with the growing demand, the potency of the plant has increased. The plant is now more than 60 percent more potent than before, which makes it more addicting to some users.

People have lots of reasons for choosing to self-medicate rather than seeking help for their mental illness; whether it is because they have had a bad experience in therapy, are afraid of being judged by family or friends, or simply because they didn’t know where to turn. Asking for help and taking the first step towards managing your mental health and your overall health is important.

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