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depression counselor in Raleigh, NCThanks for joining us for the second blog in our series on addiction and mental illness. Many people who suffer from mental illnesses turn to substances to help them cope. In our previous post, we discussed two readily available substances that we commonly see abused among our clients, so please go back and read it before moving forward. Also know that if you, or someone you love, have developed an addiction to manage your mental illness, Legacy Freedom can help. We have a dependable counselor in Raleigh, NC standing by.

Our holistic approach to mental health is unlike anything you have ever tried before. We treat the whole person, not just the mental illness. Our team of therapists, clinicians, dietitians, and life coaches work together to help you manage your mental illness and improve your well-being. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative therapies like acupuncture, adventure therapy, yoga and sound therapy, our staff can help you create a treatment plan that is centered around the things that are important to you.

At Legacy Freedom, we know that coping with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia is challenging. To deal with these challenging and sometimes debilitating diseases, people may develop significant addictions. The substances we see abused commonly are:

Painkillers - Medicine like this was in most cases prescribed for the individual at one point in their lives and then later misused. Drugs like Codeine, Vicodin, and Oxycontin are prime examples. Some people become addicted to them even though they used them as prescribed. Most people do not even realize that they are addicted until they run out of the pills or decide to stop. This addiction can be tough to overcome. Working together with your care team at Legacy Freedom can help you leave this addiction behind.

Benzodiazepines - Also known as Valium, Xanax, and diazepam, often prescribed to help someone with anxiety or mood regulation. Many people start to realize that they are addicted when they cannot function without the drug anymore. These drugs are so dangerous because they interfere with your brain's chemicals. Withdrawal from these drugs can be fatal as people become severely unstable when they stop using. Medical assistance is recommended during the detox process.

Sedatives – According to the National Institute of Drug Addiction, about 80,000 Americans are addicted to some form of sedative. These could be sleeping pills, Benadryl, Ambien, or other sleep aids to combat occasional sleeplessness or sleep disorders in adults. Many people eventually build up a tolerance and need to take more and more of these medications to feel the same effects. Eventually, they will not be able to sleep without them. Sleeping pills and sleep aids are very dangerous as they can have mind-altering effects or cause anxiety, depression, next-day intoxication and brain damage. Together with proper treatment and counseling, Legacy Freedom can help you break free of your addictions, address your underlying causes for sleeplessness and put you back in control.

Affordable Mental Health Counselor in Raleigh, NC | Legacy Freedom

When you are ready to regain control of your life, Legacy Freedom is here to help you with a top rated counselor in Raleigh, NC. Our holistic approach is unlike anything you have ever tried before. Whether you are deeply addicted to cope with your mental illness, worried that your habits are becoming an addiction, or concerned about a loved one or friend's addiction and their mental health - we can help. The journey towards living your best life begins with a single phone call or the click of your mouse. Our professional and highly trained staff is ready to help you begin your healing journey.

Whether you struggle with PTSD, anxiety, ADD, depression or other serious mental illnesses, Legacy Freedom can help. Call our Raleigh mental health treatment center today!

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