Give a Gift That Benefits Mental Health This Spring from We Are Lions

Therapist in Raleigh, NCLooking for a great gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day? Choose to purchase a product that makes mom or dad smile and gives back to a great organization. The group We Are Lions works with artists who have mental illnesses and disabilities to produce t-shirts, tote bags, shower curtains, and more that feature the works of these incredible artisans. Each partner artist creates their work of art and sends it to We Are Lions. The organization then turns the original work into items that are moderately priced and gives back to the artists and their community. Do you need to speak with a therapist in Raleigh, NC? Call Legacy Raleigh right now. You'll love our alternative approach to mental health needs.

We Are Lions also employs the artists they feature. Artists receive payments for royalties on their art. More than half of the profits that are made from the sale of the items benefit other organizations and artists. Those with disabilities and mental illnesses who create are encouraged to submit their artwork to We Are Lions for consideration. The group regularly follows and approaches disabled and mentally ill artists about collaborations.

Not only does the group provide artists a way to empower themselves financially, but We Are Lions also helps them advance socially as well. Transforming the talents of these individuals into a lifestyle brand provides for a source of sustainable opportunities. Items featuring the work of these talented artists are available on the We Are Lions gift shop at

The beautiful, varied, and complex works created by these artists grace cell phone covers, throw pillows, shower curtains, and t-shirts. Choosing a design and an item may be difficult. All the works are vibrant and unique reminders that those with mental illnesses or disabilities have the ability to see the world in an uncommon light.

Best Therapist in Raleigh, NC for Mental Health Needs

Do you, or someone you love, struggle with mental illness? If so, Legacy Freedom can help. We believe in using alternative treatment methods like art therapy, tai chi, and acupuncture to treat mental illness and develop positive coping methods. Thousands of clients have learned how to overcome their mental illness through our holistic mental health care program. Our outpatient facility connects you with compassionate and confidential mental health treatment.

Getting to the root of your mental illness and understanding why you feel the way you do can help you face the negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences that continue to impact your mental health. Together with our care team, you will create a treatment plan that is unique to your needs, interests, and treatment goals.

Stop letting your mental illness dictate your life. Call or click to connect with a highly qualified therapist in Raleigh, NC and begin your healing journey towards better mental health today!

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