More on Mental Health in the New Year

Columbus, OH PTSD TherapyWelcome back to our continued look at mental health resolutions for the new year. In our last blog, we discussed simple ways that you can make your mental health a priority in 2018. From including regular exercise to eliminating negative self-talk, making changes for yourself can have a significant improvement on your mental health and well-being within a few short weeks. If you're looking for more ways to improve your overall mental wellness in the new year, here are a few more things you should consider. For a better New Year, call Legacy Freedom for Columbus, OH PTSD therapy and more.

Cut the Clutter: When it comes to your living space and your work space, unnecessary clutter may be having a more substantial effect on your mental health than you realize. Cleaning and organizing your bedroom and your desk area can help you feel and be more productive. Eliminating the search for shoes, accessories, and your favorite blouse by keeping your bedroom organized allows you to start the day stress and anxiety free. Feeling confident in your ability to be on time for work boosts your confidence and reduces negative thoughts about your day and job that can bleed over into other areas of your life.

Dump Toxic Friends: Everyone has that one person they send to voicemail all the time or try their best to avoid. The new year is the best time to cut off these relationships that don't add anything positive to your life. People who are unkind, unsupportive, or are affecting you in a toxic way should be kept at a distance.

Overcommitting Yourself: Keeping one to two nights a week free may seem impossible now but making time in your schedule for you is essential for your mental health and well-being in 2018. Use those evenings to take care of yourself. A long, relaxing bath, a workout class or just taking some extra time to relax with friends or loved ones can help you feel more centered and less frazzled. Taking time to rest between busy days at work and rushing around for appointments and family commitments can help alleviate anxiety.

Making positive changes for your mental health in the new year can help you develop healthy habits all year long. All too often resolutions are focused on physical health or material goals but making your psychological well-being a priority is just as important as paying off your credit card or losing 50 pounds.

Columbus, OH PTSD Therapy and More

If the changes you've made to your life haven't improved your mental health, then it may be time to call Legacy Freedom of Columbus. We've helped thousands of clients work through their depression, anxiety or stress to find peace and balance. By combining alternative treatments with traditional talk therapy, we create care plans that are tailored to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Our outpatient treatment programs allow you to maintain your work life and your home life while caring for your mental health.

Stop waiting for things to change, take control of your mental health care with help from the expert staff at Legacy Freedom. Call or click today to begin your journey to better mental health with Columbus, OH PTSD therapy and more!

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