Mental Health Care During Pregnancy

Counselor in Charlotte, NCWhen you find out you're expecting everyone you know will want to chime in with helpful pregnancy advice. Feeling nauseated? Have some ginger tea. Struggling with heartburn at night? Prop your pillows up. Can't button your pants? Use a hair tie to hold them closed. What many people fail to offer moms to be advice on is how to take care of their mental health during their pregnancy. The primary focus in the United States has been on the health of mothers after delivery. New moms are counseled on the warning signs for postpartum depression before they leave the hospital. Friends and family members are also instructed on what to look for as they spend time with mom and baby in the weeks following delivery. However, for many women, pregnancy isn't the joyous and hopeful time that they anticipated. If you need help with mental health issues, call a counselor in Charlotte, NC that you can trust. Call Legacy Freedom.

More and more studies are discovering that women are beginning to struggle with symptoms of severe depression, shifts in moods, and anxiety before their child is born. While it is normal to feel a little anxious about bringing a child into the world and to worry about whether you will be a good parent, many women find that their anxiety becomes extreme. One study found that pregnant women became consumed with thoughts about the what-ifs surrounding their unborn child. As a result, these women became so preoccupied with their worries that they experienced panic attacks, high blood pressure, and sleep disturbances throughout their pregnancy.

After surveying more than 8,200 women, a recent study published in The Lancet medical journal found that two-thirds of the mothers in the group experienced severe depression before the birth of their child. The symptoms of this depression included mood shifts, frequent crying, and suicidal thoughts. Historically scientists have linked postpartum depression to the drop in hormone levels following the birth of a child, but these new findings suggest that there may be other factors that influence whether a new mother will struggle with postpartum depression. These factors include complications during the pregnancy or delivery, the baby not being born healthy, or complications after the birth.

What all experts can agree on is that pregnant women should be taking their emotions seriously during their pregnancy, regardless of the cause. Talk to your doctor or a trusted friend about your feelings. Remember that you are not alone in your worries or depression. These feelings are common and the sooner you ask for help, the better. Focusing on your mental health is just as important as the focus you place on your physical well-being for you and your baby. Many women who seek treatment for their symptoms early on feel better within a short period of time. Follow up care and treatment may be needed after the birth of your child but getting started with help when symptoms of depression or anxiety first begin can help reduce significant issues postpartum.

Counselor in Charlotte, NC for Pregnant Women

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