Mental Health and Academic Success in College Students

Raleigh ADHD TreatmentWith many young adults getting ready to graduate high school and head off to college this fall and many adult learners returning to classes after a semester away, now is a great time to talk about mental health and its impact on academic success. While you may be busy this spring and summer reading required texts and gathering decorations for your dorm room, another item you want to add to your to-do list is to make sure your mental health is ready for the pressures of college coursework. Numerous studies have found that students who struggle with mental health challenges have lower GPAs and more difficulty completing projects, coursework, and testing well than those who take care of their mental health. At Legacy, we offer more than Raleigh ADHD treatment. We can help anyone suffering from many different types of mental health problems. Call us now to learn more.

College students experience depression at higher rates than the general population. The most common mental health issues faced by college students include loneliness, depression, anxiety, and extreme stress. While many of these are correlated with transitioning into college life, many returning students experience these feelings as they return to campus after a time away. Both male and female students report experiencing depression over the course of their first year. Those students who struggle with anxiety are more likely to experience other mental health issues like body dysmorphic disorder, depression, and substance abuse. While women on campus are more likely to report their mental health issues and seek help than men, both groups are equally impacted by the demands of college life.

Across the country, colleges and universities are working to make mental health a part of the conversation on campus. Students have access to student resource centers where they can find literature on how to cope with their feelings of anxiety or depression, connect with counselors, and find peer support groups. The problem is that many students don't feel comfortable accessing these resources. Running the risk of encountering a friend or classmate deters many students from reaching out for the help they need on campus. As stress levels, depression, and anxiety increase, students, especially incoming freshman, find that their academic performance suffers. The prime time to be aware of a student's mental health challenges is leading into the first academic year and during their first year on campus. Addressing any mental health concerns early increases the likelihood of academic success.

Before you head off to school this fall or enroll in summer classes, take time to evaluate how you are feeling about attending college for the first time or returning to classes after an extended absence. If you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed Legacy Freedom offers a holistic approach to mental health care that can help you get classroom ready. Through a combination of traditional talk therapy and alternative treatment methods, we can help you identify the cause of your negative feelings and help you learn positive coping techniques that you can use anywhere. Our staff is dedicated to helping you heal mind, body, and spirit.

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Making the transition to college is hard enough without having to overcome depression, anxiety, and stress. Set yourself up for academic success next year and begin your mental health treatment with Legacy Freedom of Raleigh today! Call or click to connect yourself with confidential and compassionate mental health care and Raleigh ADHD treatment.

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