Why Men and Women Relapse Differently

greensboro NC drug rehabWould you believe that men and women relapse differently? In a recent study, researchers found that women relapse less frequently than men do. Why? They're more likely to engage in counseling. You might be wondering what specific ideas about counseling men are not interested in. It's not necessarily that they're disinterested, it's just that women are more likely to participate in counseling to help them stay away from drugs.

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Why Do Men and Women Relapse Differently?

Men aren't as diligent about following up with aftercare once they have recovered. Aftercare is a vital part of the overall recovery journey. Triggers are all around us. They come in various forms. Sometimes a drive home from work can trigger thoughts of a relapse. When this happens, going to a meeting or having group counseling is a great way to fight the urge. Women are more likely to engage in counseling than men when they get an urge or encounter a trigger.

Another reason behind the theory that women are less likely to relapse is because women are naturally caregivers. They feel a responsibility, that men do not usually feel, to take care of their families. This alone gives them the motivation they need to continue with their recovery. Getting back to being mom or taking care of their loved ones is a routine that helps them stay sober.

Studies also show that men are more impulsive than women. Because of this, they're more likely to give in to their relapse and thoughts of drug use. Women can be impulsive but, because they are caregivers by nature, they often think of those around them and how relapse might affect them, as well.

According to drugabuse.gov, "Dr. James McKay and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that women in treatment for cocaine addiction were more likely than men to report negative emotions and interpersonal problems before they relapsed. The men, on the other hand, were more likely to report positive experiences prior to relapsing and were more likely to engage in self-justification and rationalizing afterward."

Regarding men, drugabuse.gov also states that according to the report "They felt entitled to use cocaine or that they believed they could control their cocaine use."

Just as no two addicts are alike, neither are individuals who are having thoughts about relapse. It's important to rely on after-care and other programs geared toward offering support to recovering addicts.

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