More on Men and Postpartum Depression

Mental Health Therapy in Columbus, OHWelcome back to our continuing series on men and postpartum depression (PPD). In our previous post, we learned that new dads are just as likely as new moms to develop PPD after the birth of a new baby. A woman with PPD will display different symptoms than a man will. Learning the signs of PPD in men will help you care for yourself or someone you love after the arrival of a new baby. Should you begin to see these symptoms in someone you love or in yourself, consider talking with a close friend or family member. Remember that PPD is an entirely treatable mental health condition. The sooner you get help, the better. For the best mental health therapy in Columbus, OH, make Legacy Freedom your first choice. Call today.

The most common signs of PPD in a man are:

  • Frustration or irritability
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Explosive or violent behavior
  • Cynical or discouraged feelings
  • Increased alcohol or drug use
  • Reckless driving or other impulsive behaviors
  • Constantly working
  • Crying or feeling sad for no reason
  • Constant fatigue
  • Isolation from friends, co-workers, or family
  • Increased headaches, digestive problems, or pain complaints
  • Difficulty managing work and family demands

There are some factors which can make a man more likely to experience PPD:

  • Difficult birthing experience
  • Family history of depression
  • Personal depression history
  • Difficulties accepting the new role as father
  • Lack of emotional or social support
  • Family or spousal stress
  • Lack of sex or attention from your partner
  • Disrupted sleep pattern
  • Exclusion from the bond between mother and baby

Seeking help for your feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression after the birth of your child is normal. One in four fathers of newborn children experience PPD. Knowing the signs and symptoms of this serious mental health condition can help you identify when you need to seek help.

Affordable Outpatient Mental Health Therapy in Columbus, OH

At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we understand that being a parent is overwhelming and exhausting. When you have a history of mental health challenges or lack the support from friends and family to help you transition to your new role as a father, feeling depressed or anxious is understandable. Learning how to cope with these feelings and regaining control of your mental health is crucial for yourself and your family. We can help.

With our holistic approach to mental health therapy in Columbus, OH, we have helped thousands of mothers and fathers overcome PPD. By combining traditional talk therapy, group therapy, and alternative treatments, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive treatment options possible. Your care team will create a custom treatment plan for you based on your needs as well as your interests. Our staff physical therapist and dietician will help you heal the physical damage that depression or anxiety can cause while your therapist will help you understand the cause of your PPD.

Group therapy offers you the chance to connect with others who struggle with PPD, depression, or anxiety. We can help you find the peer support and understanding you need as you work through your challenges. Alternative therapies like acupuncture, tai chi, and equine assisted therapy help you learn how to cope with your feelings and develop new ways to deal with the challenges of being a new parent.

For more information or to begin your PPD treatment, call or connect with Legacy Freedom today!

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