Men and Depression, continued

Depression Therapy In Raleigh, NCAs we continue our look at men and depression, we turn from the signs and symptoms of depression to the reason that guys become depressed. Read our previous post to see if you or someone you love are suffering from the symptoms of depression. Millions of men are diagnosed with depression each year. A variety of social, biological and psychological factors can determine whether a man will struggle with depression. Relationships, coping abilities, lifestyle choices and life events all play a role in the development of depression. For affordable depression therapy in Raleigh, NC that works, call Legacy.

What triggers depression?

Depression can be triggered by a series of stressful life events, a sudden loss or any other overwhelming event. These are the most common events that trigger depression in men:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Relationship or marital problems
  • Divorce or separation
  • Financial difficulties
  • Quitting smoking
  • Loss of independence
  • Retirement
  • Employment changes or loss of job
  • Entering military service
  • Stress and pressures related to work, school or home
  • Chronic injury, disability or illness
  • Undiagnosed mental health concerns
  • Responsibilities to family - caring for aging parents, children or spouse

While not everyone who is exposed to these stressors will develop severe depression, it is important for men to be aware of the situations that can cause them to develop depression. Knowing that these stressful life events are triggers for episodes of depression, guys who find themselves facing these issues should actively seek ways to keep themselves from slipping into severe depression. While the following activities are not a guarantee, they do promote healthy behaviors that can help you avoid becoming depressed.

  • Check Your Diet - It's no secret that refined carbs and sugar are bad for you, but these foods can cause your mood to crash. Not the best thing when you are already feeling a little low. Opt for foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, B6, and magnesium. Avoid alcohol and caffeine which can also affect your mood.
  • Reconnect with Old Friends - If life and family have gotten in the way of you having time with your buddies, reconnecting can be an excellent way to boost your mood. Getting out and doing activities you enjoy can make you feel better and more confident. Having an old friend lend an ear can be helpful too. While they don't have to solve your problems, talking it out can sometimes just feel good.
  • Soak Up the Sun - Take advantage of the summer sunlight and boost your serotonin levels. A quick 10-minute walk can boost your mood for up to two hours.
  • Exercise as an Antidepressant - You don't have to run a marathon or do a CrossFit class to reap the benefits of exercise on your mood. Endorphins are released anytime you exercise. These feel-good chemicals in your brain get you up and going. Rhythmic exercise like walking, weight lifting, using an elliptical, martial arts or swimming are great ways to get the maximum benefit of exercise on your mood. Set a goal for 30 minutes of exercise each day.
  • Hit the Sack - Ensure that you are getting enough sleep each night. Set the DVR to record that late show or the end of the ball game and call it a day at the same time each night. A routine sleep schedule does wonders for your body and your mind.
  • Combat Stress - Finding ways to manage daily stress is important. Whether you include meditation, yoga or tai chi, mindfulness practices are a good way to reduce your stress levels. Consider including a monthly massage into your stress management plan for added relaxation benefits.

Holistic Depression Therapy In Raleigh, NC That Works

Depression is a serious illness. If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, the experts at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. Call or click to connect today!

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