Memorial Day Sobriety Survival Tips

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  • Be prepared to answer questions as to why you're not drinking. There's nothing wrong with stating the truth. Just let them know that you no longer drink. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, let them know that you're the sober driver or that you don't feel like drinking at this time. If you feel like going into details, great. If you don't, don't worry. Just give them a quick excuse and move on.
  • Don't let anxiety get the best of you in a situation where alcohol is everywhere. We know how important it is to stay calm and relaxed. Getting overwhelmed and anxious could cause thoughts of relapse. Take a moment to take a few deep breaths and mentally meditate to yourself.
  • Get lots of rest before the weekend. If you are tired from the previous week, your mind may not be working in tiptop shape. It could cause you to make bad decisions. Be sure to get enough rest at least 2 to 3 days before your weekend events start.
  • Make sure you have a friend with you who is also going to stay sober. This will not only help you continue into your sobriety, but also will offer you a great support system that you can rely on. Sometimes, all it takes is one person understanding what you're going through when it comes to not partaking in alcoholic beverages. The two of you can rely on each other to get through the events, alcohol free.
  • Meet with your support group before the weekend. Talk about your reservations and fears. They can help you get through this time. Also, be sure you know who you can call whenever you need to speak with someone within the group. It's good to have someone that you can call at a moment’s notice and lean on for support.
  • While you hope to be as strong as possible during this time, there are triggers out there. Be sure to have an escape plan in case things take a turn for the worse. Bringing your own car, having someone to call and pick you up, or taking a cab home can be part of your escape plan. Be sure it will work well in case you need it.

We hope this information helps you come up with a plan to stay sober this Memorial Day weekend. To learn more, be sure to visit with our next blog post. There, we will have even more tips to help ease fears of relapse during this holiday weekend.

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