More Memorial Day Sobriety Survival Tips

Greensboro NC Alcohol Rehab CenterWelcome back. We are here with more tips to help you stay sober this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. We know how exciting this long holiday weekend can be. Time away from work can be spent with friends and family having a great time. Most often, alcohol is involved. For those who want to stay sober, it might be difficult. Below, you will find tips that help you during this time. If you're searching for a Greensboro NC alcohol rehab center, be sure to call Legacy Freedom for help.

  • If you can't stay away from alcohol, pick and choose events and parties you'd like to attend so that you feel most comfortable. If you'd rather not go to a bar, consider going to someone's home instead. Go wherever you feel triggers will not be an issue.
  • Instead of feeling like you must attend everything you've been invited to over the weekend, make your own plans. Do things that you know won't involve alcohol. Go camping, take a road trip, or plan your own party at home. Nothing says you have to do the things you've been invited to. Gather a group of sober friends and plan the weekend to your advantage.
  • Making time to relax during this holiday weekend might be a great idea. The stresses of life and work can sometimes become overwhelming. Instead of attending parties and events, stay home and take it easy.
  • Take time to make plans to attend parties or events that do not have alcohol involved if possible. It might take a little bit of extra planning, but it is possible to steer clear of all types of alcohol.
  • Volunteer your time at an organization of your choice. This will be a great way to not only give back to the community, but also remind yourself of how important it is to do good for others.

You might find that staying sober is difficult when you're faced with alcohol at a party. Friends and family may all be partaking in beverage consumption. While they might be able to have a couple of drinks and have fun, alcoholics do not have that ability. Things can quickly turn for the worse after one drink. That's why, in some cases, it might be best to steer clear of alcohol altogether. That way you can stay sober this Memorial Day weekend and have fun without worrying about relapse.

We hope these tips help you with your sobriety. If you missed our previous blog post please be sure to visit back there for more Memorial Day sober survival tips.

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