Meet Those New Year’s Goals with These Tips

drug and alcohol treatment center in wilmington NCThe new year sounds like a great time for new goals, but let’s be real. How many resolutions do you usually keep? If you’re like most Americans, it’s not many. We tend to make goals that are hard to sustain for a long period of time, such as exercising regularly or saving money.

This year instead of setting yourself up for failure, use these tips so you can create goals that are more manageable. Then when 2016 takes its last bow, you can send it off with a sense of accomplishment over what you’ve done in the past 12 months rather than feel guilty about the things you didn’t do. If you need a drug and alcohol treatment center in Wilmington NC, please call Legacy Freedom! We can help you!

How to Meet New Year’s Goals

Set realistic goals.
If you hate the gym but you want to start exercising regularly, don’t assume the only way to get exercise is by running on a treadmill or lifting weights. You could look into joining a basketball league at a local community center, or find a running group that meets once or twice a week. Set yourself up to do a physical activity that you enjoy so that you’ll stick with it.

Also keep in mind that the typical lose weight/exercise more resolutions may not even be a priority for you. Set goals that you want to accomplish; not goals you think you should work toward.

Make your goals manageable.
If you want to lose 25 pounds, it may seem impossible. If you break it down into 2 pounds a month over the course of a year, it sounds easier to do. The same can apply for many different scenarios. If you want to save money, decide what amount, and then break down how much you will need to set aside per paycheck.

Think about setting one goal per month.
If having several goals at once seems overwhelming, give yourself one goal a month to focus on. These will need to be smaller goals that can be accomplished in four weeks. You can certainly continue to do them after the month is over, or you can check it off the list and move on to the next one.

Have fun making resolutions.
Resolutions don’t always have to be about breaking bad habits or changing aspects of your appearance, finances or health. They can be fun. Think of something you’ve always wanted to do and do it. Start a book club. Decide to try a new cuisine once a month and either cook a meal or go out to eat at a new restaurant. Make a list of all the local art museums and plan to visit each one throughout the year.  New experiences can lead to small changes that can be just as important as the large ones.

Don’t give up!
If you find that you just can’t accomplish something on your list, try to figure out why. Is it unrealistic? Do you need help from a professional? Try to look at it from different angles and see what’s holding you back. You may need to set it aside and come back to it later in the year with a new perspective.

Keep track of how you’re doing by checking in every month. It will help you see what you have accomplished and keep you motivated to keep going.

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