What Are The Effects of MDMA On Your Body?

Back in 2011, President Obama signed a proclamation making October the month for National Substance Abuse Prevention. Legacy Freedom is fully committed to substance abuse prevention. We have one of the best drug rehab Raleigh NC facilities available for Wake County and all of North Carolina. We want to get the word out to our parents and educators about the ill effects of the common drugs impairing the minds of our youth. In this post, we are going to discuss the nasty effects the "hug drug" Ecstasy can have on a user's body.

The Effects

Many users that try MDMA often report feeling very tired, and somewhat depressed a few days after taking the drug. Most write this tired feeling off as a consequence from dancing all night long and lack of sleep but unfortunately, this is one of the main side effects of taking MDMA. Most users will suffer a post-MDMA depression period about three to four days after using. In some instances, this type of depression can become a long-term problem with users. This depression can also be severe in nature and require the help of a professional. MDMA users can also experience other post-MDMA psychological problems. These include anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and nightmares.

MDMA also causes involuntary jaw clenching, and teeth grinding. This can damage your teeth. In some serious cases, medical professionals have seen cases of MDMA induced hepatitis and liver failure. Long-term heavy use can also change a person's brain chemistry. Over a long period of time, the drug can reduce the amount of serotonin neurons in the brain. Are you ready to give up drugs? We have a facility that specializes in drug rehab Raleigh NC services. Give us a call.

MDMA can also prove to be fatal. Most of the deaths are due to other factors and not the drug itself. It should be noted that if someone is particularly chemically sensitive to the drug, one dose could kill them. Most deaths occur due to overdose and hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is commonly referred to as overheating. This can happen to a user without them even realizing it due to the drug's ability to put them in a heavily relaxed state. This detachment from self awareness can prove to be fatal.

Do you suffer from substance abuse? Are you ready to get your life back on track after reading this? Call Legacy Freedom today. We have a great drug rehab Raleigh NC facility that will take you in with open arms. We take a holistic approach to your recovery instead of using drugs to treat a drug problem. Our programs for drug rehab Raleigh NC are actually affordable and they work. Call us right now.

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