Marijuana Testing Facts

We have written several posts about the effects of marijuana and the risks associated with using this drug, and today we are going to discuss something a little different. We all know that the highs from smoking pot can fade pretty quickly, but did you know that the drug is detectable in your body for weeks, and sometimes months after using? There are several factors that contribute to how long THC, the active component that makes marijuana desirable, stays in your system but testing for it can be achieved in numerous ways. If you, or someone you know has an issue with smoking too much marijuana, then reach out to our drug rehab Raleigh NC facility - Legacy Freedom. We offer the best outpatient, holistic recovery programs in the state of North Carolina. Call us today to learn more.

How Is Marijuana Metabolized?

This depends on how the marijuana is consumed. THC metabolizes differently depending on whether it is being eaten or smoked. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and if smoked, it enters the body's bloodstream rapidly compared to eating it. If someone eats marijuana then it takes longer. Times can range anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. Regardless of how it is consumed, once THC has entered a person's blood stream it actually metabolizes pretty quickly. This rapid metabolization turns the THC into molecules called metabolites that are stored in the body's fat cells. Somewhere around 80 different metabolites are formed from THC and these are removed from the body through feces and urine.

How Long Can Marijuana Stay in the Body?

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Well, this depends on a lot of factors. These factors include how much you smoke, how often you smoke, how long you have been smoking, your diet, your body weight and bmi, how much you exercise, and more. That being said, there is some data that shows that some THC metabolites are eliminated in about 20 hours whereas others are stored in body fat for up to 13 days. The majority of the THC urine tests on today's home market should be able to detect marijuana use if it was consumed within this 13 day window. However, regular marijuana smokers have reported positive THC detection in urine tests 45 days after their last use and heavy smokers have reported positive THC detection 90 days post use.

Are Marijuana Urine Tests Effective?

The short answer here is yes, THC urine tests are effective, even the home test models. Very rarely do THC tests show false positives due to today's improved technology. If the urine is being lab tested, then it will first be screened using an EMIT, or RIA test. If a positive result returns, the urine is then screened using a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. The GCMS is much more accurate and this dual testing method is a huge reason why false positives are so rare. With today's technology, there are no current known substances that would cause a THC urine test to return a false positive.

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