Is Marijuana Use Driving Poorer School Performance?

Drug Rehab Greensboro NCAs parents, we don't want to consider the fact that our teens might be using drugs. The reality, however, is that many high school aged kids use marijuana on a regular basis. It is no secret that this drug affects memory, ability to function, and attention. What we're not sure about is whether or not marijuana is causing our kids to perform poorly in school.

Many studies show that high school students that start smoking marijuana regularly are less likely to do well in school. They are also less likely to pursue a college education. This may be the case due to basic human brain development. Our brains continue to develop all the way up into our early 20s. Teens that smoke marijuana regularly may be reducing their neural connectivity that responds to memory and innovations in learning.

The Journal of School Health did a study that showed students who only used marijuana once a month were four times more likely to skip school, and less likely to complete their homework or get good grades. They were half as likely to achieve high grades in comparison to those who had never smoked marijuana.

More teens smoke marijuana now than they do cigarettes. Health prevention classes tend not to focus on using marijuana. Instead, they focus primarily on alcohol and tobacco.

Because marijuana affects the brain both short term and long term, students are at risk for performing poorly in school. Marijuana use negatively affects adults who used during their teens, as well. Studies show that those who heavily used marijuana at age 18 or younger are less likely to complete college and had a household income of less than $30,000 per year.

Smoking marijuana as a teen will affect social lives, physical and mental health, cognitive abilities and career achievements. It's important to understand all the negative effects. Kids have a tendency to assume that smoking marijuana is healthier than cigarettes. They also like to experience the high it gives them. Unfortunately, they rarely consider the negative effects it can have on their lives.

Learning the ins and outs of marijuana and how it can affect a person mentally and physically is an important part of making sure your children understand that substance abuse is wrong. Teaching them what they need to know to say no confidently is key.

It's also important to consider your kid's feelings, as well. This can be difficult. With the right support and effort, you'll be able to sit down and talk with them about the dangers of drugs. Even if they assume pot isn't harmful, you can work towards educating them on the effects, both mentally and physically. If you fear your child is facing an addiction, consider contacting Legacy Freedom for help.

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